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How has someone helped you follow Jesus?

Posted by on May 22, 2013 in discipleship | 10 comments

How has someone helped you follow Jesus?

As I explained in a previous post, I have started “defining discipleship as helping each other follow Jesus.” There are several aspects to this definition (which I described briefly in that previous post), and I think that each of the aspects is extremely important. In fact, when we lose one of those aspects, then we are less effective at discipling one another, and we hinder the growth (maturity) of the church. For example, I said that it’s important for us to “help each other follow Jesus even when he’s leading us in different directions.”

But, what has this looked like in your life? Specifically, how has someone else helped you to follow Jesus?

As you can tell, this is a very short post. Instead of filling this page with my words, I’m hoping that you’ll fill the page with examples. Examples are so important, but they are often in short supply among the church today.

So, please share an example with my readers of how someone else has helped you follow Jesus.


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  1. 5-22-2013

    My friend Andy helped me to follow Jesus by visiting me when I was depressed and showing me what it was to love someone simply by being in his company and assuring him in deeds of kindness (taking me to a football match, taking me out, praying with me, praying for me, encouraging me, checking up on me, giving me space) that the grace of God among the saints of God goes far beyond words and turning up to a weekly service.

    Since then, I’ve endeavoured to follow that model in the relationships I develop and pursue that sense of intimacy with the Body of Christ that shows that level of understanding, hope and relentless intentional involvement in life.

    I know it might come across as an extreme example, but there are plenty of others less dramatic and some rather mundane of people whose behaviour, influence, words, friendship and example has shaped the way I follow Jesus.

  2. 5-22-2013

    I would say my friends John Lynch, Bruce McNichol and Bill Thrall have been very significant disciples for me in my journey with Christ. I first heard the message of His grace through John in a talk called the, Two Roads talk, , at least 8 years ago. I began to walk the road of trusting God instead of running on the treadmill of pleasing and performance. I walked into the Room of Grace opening the doorknob = humility and continue to be built up by the truth that I have been made new….I have a new identity…I’m no longer defined by my sin and I can’t handle sin…the redemptive act at the cross, Jesus’ life, death and resurrection has set me free for all time. Through conversations with these men over the years, reminders of who I am now…there are a number of other people who are walking with me and we encourage each other daily or weekly in these truths, so richly delivered in the gospels and Paul’s letters. The one book that has been the best delivery of the life giving love, truth and grace of Jesus is The Cure, Read it with your Bible open to Romans….wow…better yet…read it alongside someone else.

  3. 5-22-2013

    Jim Campbell helped me on my way. I was young and way too confident in my theology and my practice. He asked me questions and dared oppose me. What a Friend!!
    Others have been very patient while I “worked it out”.

  4. 5-22-2013

    My sister in Christ Noele… encouraged me/us to follow the Lord’s will for our lives…to leave the church as business example and put into practice all He had been telling me that I was wrestling against because of how uncomfortable it was.

    She stayed part of that church family and structure and continues to… but has faithfully stuck up for me when others could have gossiped or judged…. and encouraged me to continue on even though it separated me and her from seeing each other regular.

    Noele could have easily told me what God was showing HER and misinterpretted the message He gave to HER and direction He gave to HER to be the message I was supposed to follow to. But instead she was willing to keep an open heart & mind to what I was seeing and therefore trust God’s Spirit in me even if she couldn’t see it or didn’t understand it quite yet..or even agree.

    She truly helped bring out Jesus in me by loving me and just giving me freedom to just GO.

  5. 5-22-2013

    My amazing husband helps me every day, if not every hour… to put into practice what I’m learning and not just have a lot of head knowledge I want to pass out. He challenges me to show others that I care and not what I know. He is willing to cause loving friction when my sharp edges need to be worn down through confrontation with him & the Lord.

  6. 5-22-2013

    The late Ray Stedman ( was standing on a biblical principle, but in the process both pressing on the neck of a fellow pastor and depressing the Lordship of Christ in our midst. As his young “Timothy” I wrestled with how/whether to confront, finally driving 9 hours to do so in person. Shaking inside, I respectfully outlined the damage, and the biblical mandates which he had so patiently taught me. He listened for 40 minutes, and then turned to his wife Elaine and asked, “what do you think?” She said, “I’ve been trying to tell you this for two years!” He then graciously apologized and thanked me, and immediately called the offended pastor/brother and apologized. He then followed with a letter, delineating in more specific his wrong to this brother and repeating his request for forgiveness. It remains for me the grandest, most humble demonstration of how to follow Jesus I have ever witnessed. A world-renowned pastor, a wet-behind-the-ears plebeian, two teachable hearts — it changed us both, and the other pastor! Humility before the Lord is a powerful discipler.

  7. 5-22-2013

    For me it was the simple act of someone inviting me to a study group. As someone who didn’t know Jesus yet, just the invitation to join in was that first step. She knew I didn’t know Jesus but invited me anyway.

  8. 5-22-2013

    Thank you everyone. I’ll share an example also.

    A few years ago, a family who are good friends of ours began loving on and serving some people in a local nursing home. My friends would let the residents request songs (usually old hymns, but sometimes other songs), sing along with them, then read a chapter of Scripture – usually from the Gospels. They invited anyone to come with them.

    One day, I went with them to hang out with the nursing home residents. I watched my friend and his family go from resident to resident, talk to them, listen to them, hold their hand, give them hugs. Some of the residents were completely unresponsive, but my friends would still hold their hands, hug them, and talk privately with them.

    My friends helped me follow Jesus through the love and compassion that they showed to people who could never return it.


  9. 5-23-2013

    Thank you for that example, Alan. That’s the 3rd nudge I’ve had in 48 hours to keep my eyes open to a nursing home or elderly neighbor I can go love on. That was always dear to my heart and I drifted from it after my grandma died & had more children. Thank you.

  10. 5-25-2013


    If God brings some elderly person (people) into your life, I’d love to hear more about how you’re able to love and serve him/her/them.