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Some thoughts about “Scripture… As We Live It”

Posted by on Dec 1, 2012 in as we live it, blog links | 2 comments

Some thoughts about “Scripture… As We Live It”

I’ve been writing the “Scripture… As We Live It” series since May 2008 (this is the first post). Tomorrow, I plan to publish the 237th post in the series. It’s a fun series for me to write, and I always enjoy the feedback. It seems that everyone agrees with some of the re-mixes and disagrees with others.

I also enjoy it when other people do their own re-mixes. (I’m certainly not claiming to be the first to do this…) For example, Eric writes his “Tradition Says” posts, and Jon has his “Playdough Scripture.” There have been others, but those are the two that I could find quickly. (Also, my friend Art created an animation based on one of my SAWLI posts.)

Recently, I’ve been honored to see that someone else is commenting on my SAWLI posts as well. Over at “Some Thoughts on Being Christian,” an author named JC has written a few posts based on some of the re-mixed Scriptures and he includes some of his own thoughts as well. You can find all of his posts here: “Scriptures about church… As we live them.”

I’m glad this idea has caught on with many bloggers. I really appreciate the many people who have followed my series and have commented on the posts.


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  1. 12-1-2012

    I’ve had some SAWLI ideas even before I heard of yours. Actually, more along the lines of ‘Scripture As We Understand It’:

    “You shall obey the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength.” (Not that striving to obey is wrong, but it’s nothing without love.)

    “Your Word have I hid in my mind that I might not sin against You.” (I’ve been noticing how the scriptures use the word ‘heart’ in places I would use other words. ‘Heart’ goes deeper.)

  2. 12-3-2012

    I hopped over to Jon’s page and had a few giggles. It is very funny how we (myself included) have quoted scriptures accurately but lived them inaccurately.

    Thanks for your dry sense of humour in this series,

    – Kathleen