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On endings and beginning in 2012 and 2013

Posted by on Dec 31, 2012 in personal | 2 comments

On endings and beginning in 2012 and 2013

Like I explained in my post “New Years Resolutions?“, I don’t really do New Years resolutions… not that there’s really anything wrong with that. But, it is good to occasionally take stock – to look back at what’s been happening in my life and to look ahead at what may be coming soon.

Obviously, I do not know what’s actually coming next – not even what’s coming tomorrow, much less next year. I can make plans, but God directs my steps – when I follow his lead.

So, I thought I would take this opportunity to think about some endings and beginnings from the previous year (2012) and the upcoming year (2013).

Endings: In 2012, my employment with Southeastern Seminary ended. I’d worked in their IT department as a web developer for 10 years, and I loved my time there. I especially loved the people who I worked with over those years.

Beginnings: At the end of 2012, I began a new job with a new company. But, the job will really kick off in 2013. I’m already enjoying the new job, and I’m especially excited that my title begins with the word “service.”

Endings: My PhD studies at Southeastern Seminary were scheduled to end in May 2012. However, because of my employment situation, they have graciously extended my deadline until December 2013. So, my PhD studies will end in 2013 – one way or another.

Beginnings: We met some great new people in 2012. God has already used some of these people in our lives. We look forward to not only getting to know these people better, but also meeting even more new people in 2013.

Endings: Even as we met new friends last year, other friends moved away. And we really miss them! Of course, this wasn’t the end of our relationship with them, but it is the end of spending as much time with them.

Of course, I know that God’s love and grace and guidance will neither begin nor end in 2013. He will be just as consistent as ever!

Are there any beginnings or endings that you’d like to share with us concerning 2012 or 2013?


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  1. 12-31-2012

    You know, I don’t really see life as having more than one end and beginning. In one sense, of course, there are beginnings and endings every day and certainly every year.

    I see life more like a train journey. You board the train at birth and you leave it again when you die. Between those two stations it doesn’t stop. The view from the window is of varying countryside, mountains, valleys, coastal plains, farmland, towns, forests. And the weather changes; it rains, it snows, the sun shines.

    There are fellow passengers on the journey, speak with them, share the good news with them.

    The beginning of life is to know Jesus, the end of life is to glorify him.

    Of course there are events, lesser beginnings and endings. I’ve tried to identify some for you but really, I can’t point to anything. It’s fun to watch the grandchildren growing. I can identify stages in the garden, the snowdrops will be out in February. And there are several individuals I have grown closer to as a friend. But there’s nothing major that I can single out.

  2. 12-31-2012

    Endings: My attempts at creating community and a close friendship

    Beginnings: 1. God led us to a new church community that is centered in Christ and dedicated to the good of our city and helping each other follow Jesus.
    2. Jan and I are now in-laws. Our son Josh was married in May.