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New Years Resolutions?

Posted by on Dec 29, 2012 in discipleship | Comments Off on New Years Resolutions?

New Years Resolutions?

So, it’s almost New Years Eve, and then, believe it or not, it will be New Years Day. What does that mean? Well, it means that it will not longer be 2012; it will then be 2013. It will no longer be December; it will then be January. It will no longer be Monday; it will then be Tuesday. But, isn’t there something special about taking one calendar off the wall and putting up another new calendar? Not really, unless you are a calendar maker. So, what does this “new year” have in store for me? Well, maybe this post from a couple of years ago can explain my perspective. The post was originally called “Resolved.”

(By the way, if there’s something important that you think you should start in 2013, why not start it now?)



I don’t normally make New Years resolutions, and I’ve resolved not to make resolutions this year. Now, if you want to make New Years resolutions, that’s great! I simply choose not to do so.

But, it is good to reflect on your life. As a follower of Jesus, it’s good to compare your life to what we read about in Scripture and to ask yourself in which direction God is leading you. New Years (and every day really) is a good time to do this.

So, where am I? And, where is God leading me?

Currently, I’m in a pretty good place. My family is doing well. God has surrounded me with wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ who are taking their responsibility to one another (including me) seriously. I have a couple of really good jobs – although, I would prefer to have a different job, but I’m learning to be content in that as well.

I have a big decision coming up within the next two months. I’ve been invited (along with three of my brothers from Messiah Baptist Church) to spend two weeks in Ethiopia in July. We would be helping several churches in a region of that country. So, by February, I have to decide if I’m going or not. (I’ll write more about this later.)

So, what is my resolution this year? The same as it has been every year, and every day: attempt to live my life in a way that brings glory to God by loving and serving other people. That could happen in North Carolina, or in Ethiopia, or anywhere else God leads me.

What will that look like in the next year? I have no idea.