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A personal update

Posted by on Nov 30, 2012 in personal | 13 comments

A personal update

I include bits and pieces of personal information in many of my blog posts, but I rarely write a personal update like this one – maybe one or two per year. But, with many things changing in my life right now, I thought I would give my readers an update – for those who are interested anyway.

First, a continuation one a previous update. If you’ve been around my blog long enough, you know that I changed my eating habits and exercise routine about 16 months ago in July 2011. Over the next few months, I lost about 35 lbs. I’ve now kept that weight off for a year. I’m not dieting; I changed the way that I eat. For example, I do not eat fried foods at all, which is strange for a Southern boy like me. Oh, I may eat a piece of fried chicken (or something else like that) every couple of months, but I usually regret it. My body doesn’t like that kind of stuff anymore.

Also, I began running for exercise about that same time. I’m continuing to run about 20-25 miles every week. This year (2012), I’ve run several long distance runs including a 10 mile trail race, a 12 mile trail race, three half marathons (13.1 miles), and many shorter races. (No, I haven’t run a marathon yet. My longest training run is 17 miles. I’m considering registering for a marathon next spring, but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet.)

The big recent news, of course, is that I’ve changed jobs. I’m now working for a new IT company called CtiPath as a Service Delivery Manager. In the last few weeks, I’ve been flooded with new information, new processes, new tools, and new people. In many ways, my mind is spinning. But, it’s been fun. I’m really enjoying this new venture, and I’m looking forward to what God does through this new job.

So, what about school? As you may know, I’ve been in the PhD program at Southeastern Seminary since 2006. I’ve finished all my seminars, passed my comps, and had my prospectus approved. But, I’ve had very little time to work on my dissertation because I’ve had to work extra part-time jobs (along with my previous full-time job as a web developer for the seminary) in order to support my family. I have to finish my dissertation by this spring, or I will not be eligible to graduate (because of a time limit). Will I be able to finish? I don’t know. It depends on how this job goes.

So, looking back over the last few years, I’m not where I thought I would be. But, I wouldn’t change anything. I’m excited about where God has me and the direction that he’s moving me.

And, what about this blog? Well, I still enjoy writing and interacting with my readers. Plus, it actually takes very little time to write these posts. So, for now, I plan to continue blogging.

Thank you for reading, commenting, and caring about me and my family. I appreciate you all very much!


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  1. 11-30-2012

    You are ‘salt & light’ my brother, and we treasure your ministry of Love.

  2. 11-30-2012

    Thanks for the interesting update. I think many of us who have followed your blog over the past few years ARE INDEED interested in you as a person, and not just what you write about.

    Reading your interest in running reminded me of what has probably been one of the most interesting books I have read this year, “Born To Run” by Christopher McDougall. This book and topic are NOT in my normal areas of interest, but this book is something else. I can’t recommend it enought! So much there that still has my head spinning in wonder. The amazon link is

    I warn you, though, READ WITH CAUTION. It just might infect you into becoming one of the rare breed of runners I never knew existed!

  3. 11-30-2012

    Alan, that is great news about your health. I hope you will be able to get the time to write your dissertation. If not just submit all of your blog posts from the past years. They have helped me. 🙂

  4. 11-30-2012

    I agree with Jim Puntney that you are certainly Salt and Light. I have also come to appreciate you as a coach-player and your writing serves as a mentor-peer influence on me. I really appreciate someone who is diligently seeking answers to the task of ministry. My prayers are with you as you address the challenges that you face.

  5. 11-30-2012

    Life rarely takes us where we expected to be, does it? But I am confident that in the providence of God we are always where He wants us to be.

    Glad to hear your update. Blessings on you, brother, as you have been a blessing to us!

  6. 11-30-2012

    You have been a huge blessing to me and those in contact with me. I love the personal updates so offer them as you wish. I hope that the interaction can continue as I have grown tremendously under your blog. It is kind of odd to know (or think) you know someone so well over social media. I have directed so many to you because I trust your opinion. I also trust you, as you have been so gracious with advice and counsel.

    We can probably all agree and say, thank you for serving us!

  7. 11-30-2012

    Thanks Alan for this post, as I have been wondering how your new job was turning out. You, your life, and your blog (in that order) have enriched my life immensely these past months! I have been encouraged, edified and comforted by you on many occasions. I will pray for the time and the ways for you to finish your dissertation by spring — for wisdom how to do that and for grace so that it all flows. May this new job be one that brings you life in every way, providing a blessing to you and your family including financially! Abundant GRACE to you, My Dear Brother!

  8. 11-30-2012

    Thanks, everyone, for the kind words and the encouragement. God has definitely placed some awesome people in my life – both in “real life” and online. I appreciate all of you!


  9. 11-30-2012

    Your attitude concerning your job is encouraging and inspiring. I would do well to have half the patience you do.

  10. 11-30-2012

    Agreed with what everybody has said above.

    I respect & admire what you have allowed God to do in your life in so many areas — Church, physical health, job, attitude, etc. etc.

    Thinking back on your posts that were about decision making, I’m pretty sure now you would say that your faith has grown a lot through the process of making decisions this year. Seems to me that God is making each decision you made – to work out for your good & His glory. Pretty awesome testimony/lesson out of these past years or even past 6 months for you!

    Thanks for sharing your life 🙂 and I appreciate the personal updates like this, too!!

  11. 11-30-2012

    Thank you both. I greatly appreciate the encouragement. Every step in life can be a spiritual lesson, if we pay attention to what God is doing. Sometimes I pay attention… sometimes I don’t. But, I know that he is always faithful.


  12. 12-1-2012

    Hello Alan, Read your post. Finish the dissertation! It will save you a lot time later in life retracing steps. Spoken from experience.

  13. 12-1-2012


    Thanks for the encouragement. I’ll continue to place my priorities before God and allow him to sort them out. I’m sure you wouldn’t want me writing my dissertation if God had other plans for me… So, pray that I listen and obey.