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A church puzzle

Posted by on Sep 20, 2012 in blog links | 10 comments

A church puzzle

Chuck at “Being Filled” has offered what I think is a great analogy in his post “Just One Piece of the Puzzle.”

Chuck got the idea from a lyric in a song. In his analogy, the whole church is a jigsaw puzzle, and each of us are pieces of that puzzle.

Based on this analogy, Chuck makes the following observations:

  • Puzzle pieces do not get to choose where they are placed. They simply go where the assembler puts them.
  • Puzzle pieces are only responsible for connecting with the few others placed directly around them.
  • Puzzle pieces cannot see the big picture from their perspective. They must trust the assembler to place them properly.
  • Should a puzzle piece try to correct another section of the puzzle, it would have to leave its own proper place to do so.
  • A single piece out of place makes the puzzle incomplete.

Like I said, I think this is a good analogy and these are good observations. (Obviously, all analogies fall apart at some point.)

What do you think about Chuck’s analogy? What do you think about his observations? Does the analogy or any of the observations bring any certain Scripture passages to mind?


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  1. 9-20-2012

    Thanks for the mention, Alan!

  2. 9-20-2012

    I think that is an excellent analogy. God often works in ways that expose our interdependence, starting all the way back to Genesis where we are told that it is not good for man to be alone so God provided woman to complement and complete man. None of us are autonomous in any sense and always depend on one another to different degrees.

  3. 9-20-2012


    Wow, it seems you are famous! 😉

  4. 9-20-2012

    Besides the fist fight between the Calvinists and the Arminians 🙂 …

    .. the puzzle analogy makes sense.

    Must be a day for analogy writing, I just wrote a post using an analogy too 🙂

  5. 9-20-2012

    Really fantastic analogy, Chuck! Thanks for sharing, Alan.

  6. 9-20-2012

    Paul’s analogy of the church as a body is similar. Each part of the body fits together, and the different parts can’t leave to go correct another body.

  7. 9-20-2012

    Chuck it is a great analogy, inspired by the Holy Spirit, Thanks Alan for publishing too.
    Although we always read about the human body analogy and we teach others on the right verses I think this analogy gives me a great oportunity to make a video using puzzle pieces and images it is a lot easier than using the human body and will have a great impact on younger people and new diciples. Thks a lot. Keep up the good work for the Lord

  8. 9-20-2012


    Good analogy! Thanks for posting it!

  9. 9-20-2012

    Wow, that resonates big time. Pushing 70 gives me some long backward glances to consider as my perspective morphs and grows. Youth has so much energy and momentum and must, as it were, reach for experiences that teach the body, soul and spirit. Age, with it’s diminished energy and limited scope of activity proves with certainty that God does indeed have a plan for our lives and He plans every person that comes into our sphere and he welds us together with some, more and more obviously, a select few. What a joy it is to rest in Him; let His life flow from us to others and walk in Amazing Grace amongst those He has ordained to be our journey mates. His burden is light and His yoke is easy. To be fitted together by the Master’s hand…to look around and see just exactly what I need, what I lack, what compliments, what challenges, what inspires or comforts, or draws out my compassion…a puzzle, what a fitting analogy. I love it.

  10. 9-21-2012


    I agree that this is a great analogy. If you haven’t yet, make sure to jump over to Chuck’s site and share the love with him also.