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They thought they knew Jesus, but they still had much to learn

Posted by on Aug 22, 2012 in blog links | 6 comments

They thought they knew Jesus, but they still had much to learn

Jim at “Crossroad Junction” has written a very good (and challenging) post called “My Shattered Reality.”

He begins his post with a look back at the post-resurrection followers of Jesus. And, when I say “post-resurrection,” I mean immediately after the resurrection before they saw and spent time with the risen Jesus.

Jim writes:

His resurrection was so outside their reality and frame of reference that even when He was standing right in front of them, they only saw a stranger, and not Him.

They thought they knew Jesus, and to a limited extent they did. But only in terms of their own pre-resurrection reality.

Post-resurrection, they simply couldn’t get their minds around the bigger reality of who Jesus really was and what He really was about, because a resurrected Jesus did not conform to the Jesus they thought they knew, had lived with, saw crucified and helped bury.

He continues the post by comparing our own limited understanding of Jesus to these early followers. Like them, we think we know Jesus – and we do know him somewhat – but our understanding is limited. Regardless of how much we know, how long we’ve lived with him, how mature we are, there is always more of Jesus to know.

Of course, even after Jesus spent 40 more days with those early believers after his resurrection, and even after they had been indwelled by the Holy Spirit, they still had much to learn. It reminds me that Paul often prayed that his readers would continue to know and understand Jesus.

This is challenging… and encouraging… at the same time.


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  1. 8-22-2012

    Thanks for the mention, Alan. I feel both blessed and humbled.

  2. 8-22-2012


    Thank you for another thought-provoking post!


  3. 8-22-2012

    Not to sound overly-spiritual, but I consider it a total blessing and relief that He knows me by name (Matthew 7), since I believe I shall ne’er, this side of Heaven, know Him fully (1 Corinthians 13). He takes the pressure off of me knowing Him, since He has that all covered, but also encourages me to continue pursuing Him, teaching me spiritual discipline. Only Jesus can do that.

    Having said that, Jim, I quite enjoyed your post.

  4. 8-22-2012

    There’s a long discussion on related ideas at Jesus Creed right now; highly recommended –

    Thanks for your Post Alan, I’m off to Jim’s blog next…

  5. 8-22-2012

    Any coincidence that as Paul sat in prison at Rome that his profound statement was made, “yes,I long to come to know Him; that is the power of His resurrection and so to share with Him his sufferings as to be continuously transformed by His death.” Well Alan, and Jim what about the suffering part? Don’t know you’ll get a lot Amens on that one. . . . I’ll stick with Paul.

  6. 8-23-2012


    Yes, that’s one of the reasons that I said this is both a challenging and an encouragement.


    Thanks for the link.


    I almost quoted that passage from Philippians in my post. 🙂