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Making a mess of the church?

Posted by on Aug 14, 2012 in blog links | 4 comments

Making a mess of the church?

Donald at “The Unapologetic Prophet” has written a very good post called “We have made the church a mess indeed, indeed.” Interestingly, his post is a continuation of a discussion that he started on a post here on this blog. (I love that kind of blogging, by the way – the kind that moves from place to place and continues and expands discussions…)

In his post, Donald is talking about how we have taken God’s design for the church that he created and how we have modified it and messed it up.

While there are several good points in his post, I want to point out these three:

1. We have taken that which is meant to be Unified, and sliced it apart for the sake of personal comfort though denominational labels. We have divided Her.

2. We have taken that which is meant to be lovely and virtuous, and scarred Her face and body with our failed theologies, our forced mandates, our religious expectations that serve to only damage Her and defy Unity.

3. We have allowed The World, through the futile machinations and manipulations of human politics, both Conservative and liberal, to invade The Church like a foreign army, shooting the wounded and taking prisoners as slaves.

Yep. In many ways, we are not reflecting the headship of Jesus Christ and his control over his body.

Of course, the body of Christ has always been a “mess”… reading any of the letters of the New Testament shows that humans consistently get in the way of what Jesus wants to do with his church. That doesn’t excuse it, of course.

The question is, are we willing to admit it, repent, and submit to him? Or, do we keep going on as we’ve been doing?

Until we are perfected, our lives individually and together will continue to be messy. But, are we also moving toward maturity (perfection) or are we happy living in our mess?


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  1. 8-14-2012

    Thank you, thank you! You have made me the happiest prophet in the world! LOL!

    Actually, you started it with your post. I jumped in. John jumped in. John and I dialogued. Then I wrote about it over at my place. And now we are back here, at your place. A circle of blogging life. Someone said to me that Christianity is circular. I wonder if there’s not merit to that? Hmm.

    You show me favor by mentioning me here, Alan. Thank you, sincerely.

  2. 8-14-2012

    Good Post…by you and Donald and very on-target.

    I have cut and pasted the last piece of one of the two last statements in your missle: “…or are we happy living in our mess?”

    We are not only happy with it, we will defend it to the hilt. Trying to get an off-track church back on track is like jumping into the middle of a six-cat fight. I tried it in 2009, and I am still bleeding. I have to admit I only went to church a few times for a couple of years so I could lick my wounds. Not good, I was wrong but that was the way it was.

    Yes, most folks love the mud and mire because it becomes an excuse not to do anything and their reply is “well, I have been going here so long, I just can’t see going anywhere else…it’ll be just as bad”.

    But, I am at it again. This time in a church that all but closed it’s doors…and now we are coming back. We are sort of acting like a plant and that’s a good thing. The cats still hiss every now and then but there is a growing sense of unity.

  3. 8-15-2012


    I came across this recently, and realized it was a great illustration as to what’s wrong with us today. This is how we mess things up. Please to enjoy. Follow the link and you’ll see what I mean. (I had no idea that “pastors” had their “own churches”? Wow. Color me shocked. Is Jesus aware of this?)

    Because we all know it’s about doubling your numbers.

  4. 8-15-2012


    Thanks for the great post. I’ll try to check out the link, but it’s pretty busy around her right now.


    Thanks for sharing part of your story and how it relates to this post!