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You found fellowship in Christ where and when?

Posted by on Jul 12, 2012 in fellowship | 4 comments

You found fellowship in Christ where and when?

* In my living room and dining room.

* Driving home from a movie theater.

* Making s’mores around a campfire.

* During a high school soccer match.

* At a high school graduation party.

* Walking through my neighborhood on Halloween.

* Sitting with someone at a food pantry.

* At a funeral home.

* Running along trails near a local lake.

* At a “welcome home” party.

* Fixing a meal together in a friend’s kitchen.

* Raking leaves.

* Over a cup of coffee after a business meeting.

* At a little league football game.

* On an airplane and in an airport.

* Running along city streets.

* Painting walls.

* Playing cards with teenagers.

* In an ICU waiting room.

* At a birthday party.

* Hanging vinyl siding.

* Under an awning waiting for a thunderstorm to pass.

* Riding in the back of a truck.

* Fishing.


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  1. 7-12-2012


    I was going to say,”Amen”,except, I don’tknow what “Making s’mores” is!

  2. 7-13-2012

    Aussiejohn…S’more = some more. A roasted marshmallow, compressed with a piece of chocolate bar between two graham crackers. People want some more, or as it says, s’more. See? S’mores! Ta-da!

    This is a great example of Jesus in life. Thanks, Alan, for showing the practical life with Jesus and one another.

  3. 7-13-2012

    Aussie John,

    I’m so disappointed that you don’t know about s’mores. Someone needs to come to Australia and teach you about the finer things of life.


    Thanks for the explanation… and the kind words. 🙂


  4. 7-13-2012

    Alan, & John,

    Thank you for broadening my understanding!

    Marshmallows? Yes! Toasted (on an open fire I presume)? Not here in the sub-tropics.