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2012 Church Olympics

Posted by on Jul 31, 2012 in discipleship | 7 comments

2012 Church Olympics

I don’t know about you, but my family loves the Olympic Games. So far, we have enjoyed watching volleyball, swimming, and gymnastics competitions among others. I also enjoyed several aspects of the opening ceremonies in London last Friday (which was also my daughter’s 15th birthday), especially the appearance of Mr. Bean. (It was pretty cool that the queen had a cameo also.)

Recently, I was wondering what it would look like if we attempted to turn some of the things we do as the church of Jesus Christ into various “sports” activities. By the way, I’m talking about activities that we actually do, not activities that other people may or may not do. (So, I’m doing this to “poke fun” at myself and my friends, not to ridicule or even to correct others.)

For example, consider these “sports”:

Active Toddler Relay
In this activity, the relay team takes turn spending time with and playing with an active toddler so the parents can get a break. Adding play dough and coloring books is allowed.

Plastic Cup Hurdles
The point of this activity is to make from one side of the room to the bathroom and back without knocking over any of the solo cups (filled with drinks, of course) that are scattered around the floor.

Synchronized Discipleship
In this activity, the participate must actively discuss spiritual and personal matters while simultaneously taking part in another activity (such as washing dishes, painting walls, etc.). My favorite, of course, is discipleship synchronized with running.

Meal Balancing
The purpose of this “sport” is to create a balanced meal from a plethora of crock pots, dishes, platters, and plastic containers.

Plate Lifting
This game is often confused with “Meal Balancing,” but in this sport, the participant must carry a full plate of full across a room without tripping over books, cups, chairs, or the occasionally toddler who darts into the room.

There are two version of this sport. In the first, the participants must box up the entire contents of a house and load the boxes and furniture into a moving truck as fast as possible. In the final round, the same participants must unload a different truck filled with boxes and furniture of people they have never met before.

Standing Long Discussion
Participants must carry on a conversation about a particular topic or personal problem, bringing in applicable Scripture passages and personal examples, without straying off of the topic.

So, what “sports” would you and/or your friends among the body of Christ participate in?


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  1. 7-31-2012

    Don’t forget to watch BMX next week!!! Gonna be awesome!

    I know I am bias, because that is the sport I participate in.

  2. 7-31-2012

    My favorite event is seeing who can keep their eyes open the longest during a boring sermon.

  3. 7-31-2012

    those who believe run as to win — exercising self-control [I Corinthians 9], with all the games of this world falling behind.

  4. 7-31-2012


    Are you BMX travels still bringing you to my neck of the woods?


    I didn’t realize you still participated in that activity…


    Yes, Paul’s use of the games and sports as a metaphor was much better than mine.


  5. 7-31-2012

    Yep, October 12, 13, and 14th in Raleigh, NC at Capitol City BMX

  6. 7-31-2012


    I remembered you were coming here, but I couldn’t remember the dates. Thanks!


  7. 7-31-2012

    When it gets closer we can see if getting together somewhere works out or not.