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The baptism of Jon, from where did it come?

Posted by on Jun 12, 2012 in blog links, ordinances/sacraments | 7 comments

The baptism of Jon, from where did it come?

No. There is no typo in the title of this post. And, yes, it is a take-off of Matthew 21:25. However, I am not talking about “John the Baptist.”

Instead, I’m talking about Jon from “Jon’s Journey.” He has started a series on the topic of “baptism” that promises to be very good.

So far, he’s published two posts: “Baptism Questions” and “Baptism without Water.”

Here is part of his latest post:

Could it be that John baptized with water, but Jesus was going to wash/immerse/dye people with the Holy Spirit and fire (and not necessarily with water). John doesn’t say Jesus will baptize with water and also baptize with the Holy Spirit.

I did a similar study of baptism a few years ago, covering the use of the term in the LXX (Septuagint), Philo, Josephus, and the New Testament. Unfortunately, the Greek text in those posts was corrupted during a database upgrade, so much of the series is indecipherable.

Baptism is definitely an interesting study, and followers of Jesus come to different conclusions today. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of Jon’s study.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on baptism.


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  1. 6-12-2012

    I’m for it. Been baptized three times. Will do so again for the next group that thinks their way is the only way and if I don’t do it their way, I can’t play.

  2. 6-12-2012


    Thanks for commenting. Next time you need baptizing, let me know.


  3. 6-12-2012

    I wrote a blog at my blogger called one faith, one lord and one baptism
    I will check out Jons’ as well, might be more meat

  4. 6-12-2012

    Thanks Alan for sharing. I’ve pushed 4 posts out now. I’m afraid people will think I’m throwing out the water with the baby… or something like that. So I’ll try to get to the heart of the matter ASAP. 🙂

  5. 6-13-2012

    The questions we might do well to ask ourselves:

    Are we doing this washing/immersion/pouring ritual as a means or act of repentance?

    Are we doing this washing/immersion/pouring ritual of waters as an earthly seal upon a Spirit birth?

    Are we doing this washing/immersion/pouring ritual for acceptance into the body of Christ?

    Are we doing this washing/immersion/pouring ritual as an earthly seal or acceptance of our death in Christ upon the cross?

    Are we a new spiritual creation in Christ that requires a ritual to affirm our Spirit birth?

  6. 6-13-2012

    Go Kat, it is the motive behind that God sees and teaches us

  7. 6-13-2012


    Thanks! I’m hoping to read your other posts today.


    Yes, motivation is extremely important!