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My friend started a new site: New Testament Ministries

Posted by on Jun 11, 2012 in blog links | 11 comments

My friend started a new site: New Testament Ministries

A friend of mine started a new website called “New Testament Ministries.” His first post is “Starting from scratch… all over again.”

(After I wrote this, I realized that I never asked permission to use my friend’s name, and his name is not on the site. So, I’m not going to mention his name here either.)

I met him a couple of years ago online, then we met in person a couple of time: once while we were traveling through his city and again at a workshop in a nearby city. We’ve had some wonderful, encouraging conversations then and through email.

Here is a brief excerpt from his first post:

I had the opportunity to watch a group of about 25 Christians come together and break out into a spontaneous (but ordered) rendition of what you just read above. It was so refreshing. There were no bulletins, no sitting in rows looking at the back of each others’ heads for an hour while listening to a sermon, but it was interactive and participatory. Anyone with something edifying to say (or sing) could do so at virtually anytime. However, what struck me most was two things (1) simplicity, and (2) the obvious, deep love that these people had for Christ and each other. The second point struck me the most. I walked away almost speechless thinking, “this is what I’ve been missing for so long.”

I’m looking forward to reading more from my friend. I hope you’ll decide to follow his site also.


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  1. 6-11-2012

    I just read the first post from a link from another site. Should be good to follow.

    By identifying him as a male, you’ve cut 3.4 billion possibilities out. We’re getting close to finding out who this guy is.

  2. 6-11-2012

    Added him to my coveted “Blogs I read daily” sidebar. Internet stardom is sure to follow.

  3. 6-11-2012


    What? Are you saying someone else knows about him?

    I’m not sure if he wants to remain anonymous or not. I just haven’t asked him. But, his latest post and video may help your search.


    I’m still reaping the financial windfall from being on your “Blogs I read daily” list…


  4. 6-11-2012

    It is like manna from heaven.

    You’re welcome.

  5. 6-11-2012

    I’m a church planter. I plant churches from scratch. We see people born again, lives changed, families restored, the sick healed etc. I generate much if my own financial support…with the help of my wife, who also has 3 jobs…and partners with me in the ministry…So what’s my point! I’m not interested in idealism. I’m not interested in your theories. I study God’s Word diligently while I pour my life sacrificially into ministering the Good News to a desperate world and seeking to establish church…alternatively, flexibly, creatively….in any godly way I can. There’s nothing spiritual about the set-up of the seating. There’s nothing especially spiritual about spontaneity. Personally I believe in the priesthood of all believers; I provoke maximum participation; we do not have a membership; we encourage generous giving…but don’t take up offerings. We don’t teach tithing. We believe in the manifestations of the Holy Spirit….but I’m interested in idealizing any specific way of ‘doing church’….I guess I’m too busy to be distracted by those nuances.

  6. 6-11-2012

    Last line should read ‘not interested’…(the frustrations of mobile phone key pads).

  7. 6-11-2012


    I haven’t found a perfect group of Christians yet (as far as perfectly following Jesus), and I’m not looking for one. However, I do think it’s important for all of us to continue maturing in Christ, and that includes how we interact with one another. That seems to be pretty important to the authors of Scripture. So, I’m not interested in “idealizing any specific way of ‘doing church'” but instead I’m interested in believers who are helping one another grow and mature in Jesus Christ.


  8. 6-11-2012

    Nice one Alan…wish there was less salt water between us…I’d love to have you contribute from your rich wisdom and experience at Amazing Grace church!

  9. 6-11-2012


    I’m not sure if you meant your last comment to be facetious or not. But, either way, I wish I could spend time with you and your brothers and sisters there. I’m sure that I could learn alot from you all.


  10. 6-12-2012

    Can you believe there are folks who have experienced too much spontaneous church and long to return to a more ordered format? Coming to church expecting to hear another part of a series of teaching from Scripture and finding ‘the moving of the Spirit’ canning all that in exchange for seemingly random bits of ‘word from God’ gets frustrating on a regular basis. Especially when these ‘words’ seem very repetitive and drawn out…is it asking too much to hope speakers (and presumably God) could be concise and organized?).

  11. 6-12-2012


    What you’re describing sounds like a case where the people are more concerned with what they are saying than they are concerned with the people around them. In other words, just having a participatory meeting does not mean that the people are automatically building one another up.