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A Panic Attack Leads to Sharing the Gospel… by the one having the panic attack

Posted by on May 3, 2012 in church life, community, missional | 2 comments

A Panic Attack Leads to Sharing the Gospel… by the one having the panic attack

A friend of ours had to to go to the dentist. While in the chair, she started having a panic attack. One of the things that she did in response was to send a text to her husband.

Her husband sent a text to several people telling them what was going on.

One of the woman’s friends got the text and went to the dentist’s office. She told the receptionist what happened, and eventually was led into the room with the woman had been having a panic attack.

By the time the friend arrive, God had calmed the woman down, and she was no longer having a panic attack. However, the friend stayed with her a few minutes to comfort her and encourage her.

When the friend left, the dental hygienist asked about the visit. This gave the woman an opportunity to explain about her relationship with her friend which led to a proclamation of the good news of Jesus Christ.

Because of a panic attack… It’s so awesome to see God work through (and in spite of) the brokenness in our lives when we submit it to him.


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  1. 5-3-2012

    thanks Alan.
    the unsaved are made hungry to know God by our love for one another.
    simple and beautiful.

  2. 5-3-2012

    The Holy Spirit makes no mistakes, no matter what things may appear as. It is when we keep going trusting God that we get to see the fruit that God produces in and through the believers. whether of you or the other or the group of fellowshippers.
    Thanks Alan for this share