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More about the Church in a Prison

Posted by on Apr 16, 2012 in blog links | 1 comment

More about the Church in a Prison

Three months ago, I published a post called “Starting a Church… in a Prison?” That post linked to a post written by Jim at “Crossroad Junction” called “Planting Churches.”

In that post, Jim talked about “planting” churches in prisons and helping the prisoners teach and disciple one another as they lived among the others in the prison population.

Last week, Jim added an update to the bottom of his post. Here is part of what he wrote:

I was unable to return to that housing unit until a month later. When I did, I was swamped by guys telling me how Jesus was doing amazing things among them as they met together. Their enthusiasm was contagious!

It’s now three months later, and that church is truly indigenous and going strong, just like I knew it would.

When we minister and plant churches the way Jesus taught us to do it, it works. Imagine that!

Use the link above to read the rest of Jim’s post and update. He even describes some of the results of this indigenous church among the prisoners.

This story reminds me about Paul in Thessalonica. Paul was also only able to spend a few weeks in that city, but later, when he wrote them a letter, he praised them for their hard work on behalf of the gospel.

Paul helped them as they began to follow Jesus. Then he trusted God to direct them through his Spirit. Of course, like Jim above, Paul returned (via a co-worker and his letters) to check on these believers and continue to help them in their new life with Christ.

I love these real-life practical examples. Thanks, Jim! (By the way, in his post, Jim also says that he’s been amazed at how God is working among the homeless in a similar way.)

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  1. 4-16-2012

    Thanks for the mention, Alan. BTW, I love your blog and follow it closely. Lots of good insight from someone actually involved in and being the church!