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When an enemy becomes a friend…

Posted by on Mar 30, 2012 in blog links | 1 comment

When an enemy becomes a friend…

Yesterday, I linked to a post written by my friend Stephanie at “Dead and Domestic.” She wrote that post about her husband Dan. Today, she’s published another post that’s worth reading called “Friend or Enemy?

In this new post, Stephanie writes about someone who she once considered an enemy, but who grew to be a friend. I was very encouraged and challenged by Stephanie’s words. Even though this person originally challenged her and frustrated her and angered her, she stuck with him and recognized that he genuinely cared about her.

But, she didn’t start out thinking that way. Stephanie writes:

When I was first introduced to him ( via the internet ), I was less than impressed. I’m pretty sure we got into it a few times. His views on the church and Christianity were drastically different than mine. They made me uncomfortable. They made me angry. I thought him arrogant and pretentious. How dare he challenge me on everything I knew to be true? After our discussions ( which were more like arguments ) and reading his blog, I felt hurt and confused. He was confusing other believers. He was hurting other people, I was sure, just as he was hurting me. He was creating holes inside of me. Gaps in my logic. I was so angry.

Now, you may know the person that Stephanie is writing about. But, I’m not linking to her because of that.

Instead, I want you to think about these questions: How do you respond when someone’s views challenges your long-held beliefs? Is it possible that person is a friend instead of an enemy? How would you tell the difference?

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  1. 3-30-2012

    not that long ago on the ‘other social site’ I was at that time in the habit of posting verses from my daily readings that I thought might be a blessing to others, usually without comment. A certain person responded informing me essentially I was publishing ‘distortions’ because I wasn’t using the KJV, (picture in your mind my eye’s rolling back in my head’. It was clear from the writing style and words themselves that this person was at most 30. I informed him that I had been reading and was still using KJV longer than he had be alive but that sometimes for the sake of reaching the KJ language challenged I published in the ESV which I believe is the best of the modern English versions available. I further informed him that if he would read the about portion of my info page he would know a lot more about the person he was presuming to correct (yes I checked out his page). He seemed to ignore all that and informed me that I was grieving the Holy Spirit?!??! I told him that since he had just convicted me of the unpardonable sin that there was no further point in communicating with me …….. that didn’t slow him down much. I told him that it was very gracious of him to allow me out of hell after all but that the position of Holy Spirit in my life was already filled with the (you guessed it) Holy Spirit and that I would add him to my daily prayer list in a very special place, he told me that wasn’t needed and I countered that it obviously very much was and reminded him that he no more authority over my prayer life than he did over which version of Scripture I read or posted in. (I still pray for him daily) after uncounted responses I finally blocked him. He responded by creating a temp ID to send me one more mssg about my maturity level (yes I snickered over that one). If he read my info page he would of known I do not play the contention game and to quote myself “pick a version and honestly seek God in it daily” His entire site was about KJV ONLY KJV ONLY KJV ONLY with barley enough info to show he had NO depth of understanding of the issue and had been essentially ‘programmed’ My prayer for him is simply God’s will. If he would have taken the time he would have known that to the marrow I LOVE KJV over all the others. The ESV was written by a man of God and Scholar of the first caliber but unfortunately he chose not to use the received text but when it suits my purposes I use it freely keeping an eagle eye out for the important differences between the two. He chose to be my enemy yet I rejected that status, choose separation for the sake of peace (especially before the world) and made prayer my response to contention and rejection of reason or even anything close to reasonable dialog. The anger/public contention/verbal and written shots fired over different camps in Christianity (ig KJV vs MODERN LAUG, CALVIN vs ARMENIAN ect) has one huge fan his name is satan and he loves every minute of it and will cheer on BOTH sides in the name of public contention. Sad but true what a valid excuse for the fence sitting world to avoid us like the plague.