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New Interview Published on my Running Blog

Posted by on Mar 13, 2012 in blog links | Comments Off

New Interview Published on my Running Blog

One or two of you have expressed interest in the past in my running experiences and my running blog. Yesterday, I published an interview with ultra (> marathon) trail runner Christopher Freet (“Interview with an ultra trail runner“). If his name sounds familiar, it’s because I’ve mentioned Chris several times on this blog, and I’ve often linked to his site “The Amplified Life.”

In the interview, Chris talks about several running issues that relate directly to his life in Christ, including how he keeps running from consuming him and how running often builds bridges and relationships with others.

So, if you are the one or two interested in running, then jump over to my post “Interview with an ultra trail runner.” If you are not interested in running, then stay tuned here for my next post…