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Jesus Meets with his Ministry Staff

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Jesus Meets with his Ministry Staff

I love a good story. Make it a story with a bit of sarcasm, and it becomes even better. Use the sarcasm/story to compare and contrast Jesus with modern church practices… and I’m hooked.

That’s what a guest author did recently over at “Internet Monk.” The story is called “Jesus Holds a Business Meeting.”

The author begins with a few “one liners”:

*Did Jesus always pray before his staff meetings?

*I’m guessing Jesus’ administrative assistant was tough to get past. I’ll bet she protected him well.

*And then Jesus said, “Go into the world and cast my vision.”

*Then Jesus sat down with his exec team & said “What are your measurable goals for this year?”

*Then Phillip said to the Ethiopian, “When you get back, find some big dog power brokers in your church & get them on board with your vision.”

*And then Jesus said, “Let the children come to me, because if you get the kids, their parents will follow.”

*Then Jesus said, “Do not worry about tomorrow, but stockpile canned goods because the world will end soon.”

*When they gathered in the upper room for supper Jesus said, “This is my brand, created for you. Share it where ever you may go.”

Following these, the author “recreates” a “staff meeting” between Jesus and some of his followers. It is interesting, entertaining, and perhaps eye-opening to put Jesus in this kind of meeting – the kind of meeting that happens week in and week out among many vocational ministers.

I encourage you to read the entire post.

Could you imagine Jesus holding this kind of staff meeting? Why does it seem so normal for church organizations today?

So, what would a “staff meeting” with Jesus actually look like?