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God composes the church so we can give greater honor to those who lack honor

Posted by on Mar 14, 2012 in blog links | 7 comments

God composes the church so we can give greater honor to those who lack honor

Steve at “From the Pew” is writing about one of my favorite passages of Scripture in his post “Does Your Church Honor the Less Honorable?

Of course, the passage in question is 1 Corinthians 12:20-26, especially verse 26 which I paraphrase in the title of this post: “God composes the church so we can give greater honor to those who lack honor.”

Here is part of Steve’s post:

Our natural tendency is to honor the strong, the acceptable, the ones with the bible degrees, the rich, the good looking, the refined, the ones who have the best jobs. And we tend to neglect, ignore or marginalize the weaker. But note what Paul says about the result of bestowing more honor upon the weaker: “…our less presentable members become much more presentable.” Much more presentable? If this is so, why not make it a point? When one is weaker and not presentable, being neglected sure is felt and a pattern of neglect can make weakness permanent. Who wouldn’t want a more presentable body?

The fact is, according to Paul in 1 Corinthians 12:26, God has already given greater honor to those who lack honor. The only question that remains is this: are we going to follow God’s plan and ALSO give greater honor to those who lack honor.

If the church stopped honoring those who appear to be more “presentable” and started honoring those who appear to be less “presentable,” I think the church would be turned upside down… in a good way. And, in return, the world would be turned upside down… also in a good way.


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  1. 3-14-2012

    Beautiful, This sounds just like Jesus!

  2. 3-15-2012


    I think it would go a long way if the body of Christ would do that. However, I don’t think the body is set up to do that, nor is it taught to do that in practice and demonstration.

    Also, I believe Rom 15:7 ties into that, if we truly received one another as Christ receives us. If you receive someone, then you would honor them. To be received, accepted, and honored in the body is a powerful and life changing event.

  3. 3-15-2012


    I agree. Steve wrote a great post highlighting an awesome passage of Scripture.


    I understand what you’re saying, but I do think that the body of Christ is set up for this. The problem is that the church (the body of Christ) is often confined or hindered by certain patterns, forms, models, or structures. These need to change to allow the body of Christ to function (together) as God intends. Of course, many will then need to be re-taught what it means to be the church (the body of Christ) together. And, Romans 15:7 is a great place to point them!


  4. 3-15-2012

    Yes I agree that the body “is often confined or hindered by certain patterns, forms, models, or structures”, and that is what I meant. I have experienced the confines of certain models in my life.

    Here is an example of receiving one another. About a month ago a brother and I got together for lunch as we did occasionally. Our conversation got heated. He is passionate and loves God but I believe he comes on too strong many times and pushes people away. I told him this. This morning he text me to see how I was doing, and I called him. He wanted to apologize for our last meeting, and said God was showing him that he sometimes pushes people away by his vehemence for truth.

    I told him God was doing the same thing in me and not to worry. As long as we continued to receive one another, warts and all, and love one another, God would continue to work in our relationship.

    You see it blessed me that he got back in contact with me. He did not run away, but received me for who I am in Christ. What God is showing me is that I have done the same thing to many people. I am wrong about that. But in doing so most of these people reject me for my strong stance, and I don’t blame them, but it would be very powerful and liberating if those people would receive me despite all my malfunctions.

    In these rejections, however, God is using that to make me more sensitive to others, and not to do the same thing.

    Guess I got that out. Hope it makes sense.

  5. 3-15-2012


    From talking with you before, I knew that was what you meant.

    Thanks for the example! You know, I don’t think the me from a few years ago would have hung around with the me of today. This is teaching me to accept people who are in Christ, even when I don’t agree with them. 🙂


  6. 3-19-2012

    Too many Evangelical churches choose their elders only if they are captains of industry. Waiters need not apply. Oddly, those same churches would have excluded Stephen and Philip. But then, both of them were part of signs and wonders ministries, and we can’t possibly have that “stuff” breaking out among our elders, now can we? 😉

  7. 3-21-2012


    I agree that for many among the church the concept of leading is different from what we read about in Scripture, especially different from Jesus’ words in Matthew 20 (and the parallel passages).