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Examples of Christians working together in spite of disagreements

Posted by on Mar 7, 2012 in blog links, unity | 1 comment

Examples of Christians working together in spite of disagreements

We disagree. It’s a fact of life. If you spend time with someone else, you will find something that you disagree with them about.

For too long, the church has allowed disagreements that are not gospel related to separate brothers and sisters in Christ from one another. In his prayer in John 17, Jesus said that the world would know that the Father sent him because of our unity. I wonder what our disunity tells the world…

Anyway, Felicity at “Simply Church” has written another excellent post called “Blurring the distinctives.” In this post she talks about Christians working together in spite of their disagreements.

Here’s part of her post:

Another set of distinctions that is increasingly blurring is that between simple/organic church and legacy churches. It used to be that legacy churches viewed those in simple/organic churches as rebellious, rejecting authority, unsubmissive. In turn, those in simple churches tended to view others as not really on the cutting edge of what God was doing.

Thankfully, this is no longer the case. Small and large churches are working together. The Kingdom has become more important than what we ourselves are doing.

Imagine that. These people still disagree with one another over what form and structure the church should take, but they are willing to set those disagreements aside, accept one another in Christ, and work together for the sake of the kingdom.

What is this world coming to…

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  1. 3-7-2012

    I read that post from Felicity as well. I wish I could say I agreed with her but I don’t see much of this really happening. Hopefully it is and it certainly should be.