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A great example of denying self in order to love others (even enemies)

Posted by on Mar 5, 2012 in blog links, discipleship | 8 comments

A great example of denying self in order to love others (even enemies)

Last week, I read a great story by Chad at “Captain’s Blog.” The post is called “The Forgiveness and Reconciliation Train.”

I don’t want to say too much about this story. It’s filled with heartache and pain, and forgiveness and love. Plus, it’s a story about giving up something that’s important in order to care for and demonstrate the love of God to someone else – even someone who may consider you an enemy.

I’m not even going to quote from this post. You need the read the whole thing. Trust me.


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  1. 3-5-2012

    Thanks for the blog love, Alan. Even more, thank you for your voice on these topics. It seems like momentum is building.

  2. 3-5-2012

    deeply moving, relevant, and inspiring!

  3. 3-5-2012


    Thanks for sharing the great story with us!


    I agree!


  4. 3-5-2012

    Thank for sharing such a poignant reminder to share our stories and value our relationships.

  5. 3-6-2012


    You’re welcome. And, thank you for the comment.


  6. 3-9-2012

    After watching them collect dust for years on my mother’s bookcase, I finally read through a few books by Corrie Ten Boom. I think they are important reading on this subject.

  7. 3-10-2012


    I’ve never read anything by Corrie Ten Boom. Perhaps I should…


  8. 3-10-2012

    Trust me, they are a treasure trove. When she first came to this country, she had few contacts and no plan as to where she would go or to whom she would speak or minister. In fact, early on, she was informed that her presence was not needed as we had plenty of teachers and theologians. She replied that she had lived it and that is what permeates her writing. When you do get around to reading The Hiding Place, I encourage you not to stop there, but find a copy of Tramp for the Lord.

    Blessings brother!