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Wait… God can use kids, too?

Posted by on Feb 29, 2012 in blog links, discipleship | 8 comments

Wait… God can use kids, too?

I recently ran across a blog written by someone named “Little Miss Blogger.” The blog is called “Shawnee Home Church,” and the “Our Story” and “About Home Church” tabs offer some great information about this group of believers.

For this post, I want to point you to an article on that blog called “When Kids Do House Church…” To be honest, I get very tired of hearing things like “Kids are the future of the church.” Kids (who are in Christ) are ALREADY part of the church, whether we recognize it or not.

But, the post above does not make that kind of statement. Instead, the author makes a great statement about kids as part of God’s family and how God can use them as part of the church:

Kids have assigned gifts and a calling from the day they’re born. Why is it they don’t realize it until they’re in the throws of adolescence or when they’re in their 20’s or 30’s? Because they don’t have a VOICE in their church or parents who know how to look for those gifts in their kids.

All too often we can end up silencing our kids just because they’re kids. It’s really important, no matter what setting your services are in, to give them a chance to be used by God. Over the years I’ve seen Nate go up to total strangers and strike up a conversation, not bat an eye while telling some one they’re wrong (not kidding!) and find his way into just about every home on the block.

He’s an evangelist and a prophet. NOW, right now, that gift is affecting another child down the street and he’s learning he has a ministry NOW!

hmmm… I wonder how much different our churches and children would be if they were taught that God wants to use them NOW, and they were actually given the opportunity for God to work through them NOW while the church gathered together. (And, I’m not talking about handing out bulletins or taking up the offering.)


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  1. 2-29-2012

    I love this, my adult son told me a while back my 4 year old grand daughter was looking out the window of the car on the way to the sitter. After staring out the window for a while she said “Daddy, do you think today will be the day when Jesus comes back?”

  2. 3-1-2012

    I can not say Amen loud enough! Children who are allowed to use their gifts as children will use them as adults naturally, no tests needed, no training required. I was invited to start helping teach the “little kids” in my church when I was just 11…at 55 I am still teaching children, or better said, facilitating children in the spiritual learning process. Yes, let’s allow our children to use their God given gifts NOW to glorify God and serve the church.

  3. 3-1-2012

    Tony and Kirstie,

    Thanks for the comments! I’ve been amazed (I don’t know why) at what God has taught me through children.


  4. 3-2-2012

    This is so true. I am nearly 70 and every week I get so edified and encouraged and fed by the children in our home church as they share their understanding of a scripture, a testimony of God’s faithfulness or provision, a song they wrote or a concern. They often spark lively discussion and always seem to hit the mark when looking back we see a theme that the Holy Spirit has emphasized that evening. Their holy hugs are invaluable. These kids range from age 8 to 17 and even the babies bring joy and refreshment as we gather in an informal home setting and can enjoy each other in all the natural ways a family interacts. We don’t attach labels to their ministry however, just part of the benefits of being a child of God together and not allowing any form of hierarchy to restrict function.

  5. 3-2-2012


    That sounds wonderful! I’m glad that God is teaching you through those children, and that you have the opportunity and are willing to listen and learn.


  6. 3-2-2012

    When I arrive at the door, I park my luggage before entering: my age, 25 years of sitting under the Word of God for 16 hours a week, positions in ministry for many years, 40 years of the Christian life etc. and I joyfully join the mostly younger folks and the children and we enjoy whatever Jesus has prepared for us that evening. I nearly always come away full and satisfied, inspired and joyful. I have unlearned many things and I look forward to gatherings with excitement and anticipation. All that went before certainly paved the way for me to be able to embrace and enjoy this liberty, simplicity and joy. The children actually are what makes it so real and wonderful. They insure that there is no separation, more kindness, carefulness of speech and action and they are proof that the Holy Spirit operates through any and all, and that we are all kings and priests and together are looking to Jesus to show us what we need to know, to do, to hear etc. The children are truly a blessing in our meetings and in their openness to love and loving in our community.

  7. 3-3-2012

    I love this. As a former Minister to Jr. & Sr. High students it use to rub me raw to hear statements like “they are the future of our church” coming from the leadership. It bothered me more that they were treated as second class citizens, mostly because they didn’t fill the tithe plate or didn’t bring in as many new people to church as other demographics. The fresh vitality and often untainted faith of young people is refreshing for the church. They have an imagination and enthusiasm that is often dulled in adults by years of going through the motions. Too often they are muted and asked to sit at the kids table while the adults do the real spiritual stuff and I think that’s a tragic error.

  8. 3-3-2012

    Rita and Craig,

    Thanks for the comments. It’s amazing what I’ve learned from children and teenagers when I give them a chance to be heard.