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Race Report from the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon

Posted by on Feb 20, 2012 in personal | 2 comments

Race Report from the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon

For the one or two of you who may be interested, I’ve written a “race report” about the Myrtle Beach half marathon which I ran last Saturday. You can find it at my running blog in a post called “Myrtle Beach Half Marathon Race Report.”

The report includes pictures and a short video that my wife recorded while I was running by near the start of the race. She continued recording after I ran by which gives you an idea of the numbers of people running that day.


  1. 2-21-2012

    I care! Glad you could do it. I used to run a lot, but I have way too many foot problems. I bike now, often times with a lot of other former runners!



  2. 2-22-2012


    Thanks! I really enjoyed it.


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