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Would you like to help write a book about the church?

Posted by on Jan 18, 2012 in blog links, books | 5 comments

Would you like to help write a book about the church?

Jeremy at “Till He Comes” is putting together a book about the church. He tells us more about his plans in a post called “You Can Help Write a Book on Church.”

I took part in a similar project last year, contributing a chapter to the book The Practice of Love. I enjoyed the process, so I thought I would let my readers know about this opportunity.

So, what kind of contributions is Jeremy looking for? Well, you can find out more detail by jumping to his post “You Can Help Write A Book on Church,” but here is part of what he says:

We encourage you to shape your submission to fit within one of these categories.

Leaving Church
Stories about personal life adjustments, theological changes, or church moral failures which led people to leave church for good.

Returning to Church
Stories about people who used to attend church years ago, but stopped for a while, and have now decided to start attending again. These stories explain why they left, and what caused them to return.

Reforming Church
Though many people are leaving the church and criticizing how church is done, some people want to stay within their church and be part of the solution. These stories relate what problems exist in the church, and how the person is seeking to reform and renew the church from within.

Changing Church
Many people leave one church to attend another. Sometimes they attend a similar church across town; other times the new church is a completely different denomination, or form of church, such as going from a mega-church to a house-church. These stories reveal what moves the person made, and why they changed churches.

Am I going to take part? Perhaps. I have a few things going on, but I’m hoping to contribute to the topic “Reforming Church.”

If you were to write for this project, which category (or categories) do you think you would contribute to?


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  1. 1-18-2012

    I have been putting words to paper, but I have a long way to go.

    I am submitting for “Leaving Church”


  2. 1-18-2012

    You know that sounds like a pretty comprehensive list of topics but I don’t think I have the experiences to write for any of them. The topics are framed around the boundary lines of the institutional church, and to the extent that I have crossed those lines I haven’t considered it a transition at all.

  3. 1-19-2012


    I’m looking forward to reading your contribution!


    Actually, to me, it sounds like you could tell your story in any of the four categories, depending on which part you wanted to emphasize.


  4. 1-19-2012

    Oh no, the pressure is on now 🙂

  5. 1-19-2012


    Nah. No pressure. Not from me.