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The Lord’s Supper at the Golden Corral Buffet?

Posted by on Jan 2, 2012 in as we live it, ordinances/sacraments, scripture | 10 comments

The Lord’s Supper at the Golden Corral Buffet?

Did you see this comment that Art (from “Church Task Force“) left here yesterday? He left his comment on an old “Scripture… As We Live It” re-mix of a passage related to Jesus’ last meal with his followers before he was crucified.

Well, it turns out that Art’s comment shows that he went the extra mile! He made an animated video based on that re-mix.

The video would be funny… if it were not so true.

Here is Art’s video:

I have to admit, though, that sharing the Lord’s Supper at the Golden Corral buffet sounds awesome.

Thanks, Art!

(UPDATE: Art posted an updated video with a new ending here.)


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  1. 1-2-2012

    Glad you liked it! Hey, is there still a “Scripture As We Live It” book coming out? I think these powerfully expose our favoring traditions over God’s word.

  2. 1-2-2012

    We had the Lord’s Supper the morning of Christmas Eve around the table at our house along with some pretty tasty breakfast foods. The Lord’s Brunch?

  3. 1-2-2012

    Nice Job Art.

    So when are we all going to meet at some golden corral?

  4. 1-2-2012

    That was fun!

  5. 1-3-2012


    I agree with the others. Thanks!

    So, are you graduating from charts to animated videos?

    As to your question… stay tuned.


  6. 1-7-2012

    although i agree with this video i still think that we are missing a point of the elements and time of the “Lords supper”

    i have shared a “lords supper” at a cicis pizza but dont think it was a really a lords supper since i have come to believe there is indeed something to the time (passover) and the elements (unleavened bread and wine)

  7. 1-7-2012


    I understand that Jesus’ last meal with his followers before he was crucified took place at Passover. Is there any indication in Scripture that the church connected the “Lord’s Supper” or “breaking bread” with Passover after that?


  8. 1-7-2012

    I think that the way paul says things in 1 cor. 10 and 11 makes it plain

    But sometimes its something you need to see to believe

    Not saying I’m 100% right and any other way is wrong (which is kind of what the video is doing) but I think if we are to do it scripturally that we should do it on passover

    “As often as you drink THIS cup and eat THIS bread” seems to point to a specific kind of cup and bread (meaning the unleavened bread and wine)although for convictions sake I don’t care anymore if people do shots of grape juice /water and bits of saltine or if they do mac and cheese and soda at cicis or huevos and papas and cherizo with tequila at their trailer (not that I know anyone that does that)

    In the end it might be wrong to judge how others do it and say that our way is scriptural while theirs isn’t

    Kind of like someone wrote an email to a dj telling them they do christmas all wrong cause they are supposed to keep up lights and trees fromn dec 25 (jesus’ birthday) to jan 6 (epiphany) and yet in the end its mosytly mans tradition which is always up for interpretation

    I am learning more to let people do it their way cause who’s to say exactly how it started or was “back then”

  9. 1-7-2012


    I’m interested in what you’re saying, but I don’t see that “the way paul says things in 1 cor. 10 and 11 makes it plain.” Can you share which things in 1 Cor 10 and 11 make it plain that Paul and others associated the “Lord’s Supper” with Passover?


  10. 3-9-2012

    I think the whole point is that the “Lord’s supper” was a meal shared by members of the body or family. The object is community and coming together. Doing it the way it’s done on Sunday does not promote community but is a religious ritual that has come to represent the transference of grace, even in the minds of Protestants. They would disagree with that on theological grounds, but on practical grounds I would say it’s obvious. What would be better would be people having each other over to their homes, practicing hospitality and remembering the Lord. I think this way of looking at is more in the Spirit — (Since Mike was capitalizing words for emphasis, I will too.) “AS OFTEN as you eat (this) bread and drink from (this) the cup.”