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I can’t deal with your problems right now…

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I can’t deal with your problems right now…

Joe (JR) at “More Than Cake” has done us all a great service by sharing a personal story in his post “Some Things Are More Important.” His story is short and challenging. Read it.

In the story, Joe writes about a time when he was a door-to-door salesman. He had not made a single sale all day long, and he needed money desperately.

But, he was faced with a situation in which a person needed his presence more than Joe needed money. What did Joe do? He gave of himself and his time… because that was more important.

Here is Joe’s conclusion:

I walked to his chair and took his cold hand in mine. I uttered what few words would come to mind… words of healing… words of hope… words of Jesus’ love for Gene and his departed wife Helen.

My conversation with Gene reminded me that there are many things more important than setting one more lead and earning a few more dollars.

Earning money is important. But, there are things that are more important than earning money… people, especially.

I realize that there are times when I put myself, my needs (wants), and my problems ahead of other people who should be more important.

Thanks for the reminder and the challenge, Joe!