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Share with those who want to know more?

Posted by on Dec 5, 2011 in blog links | Comments Off on Share with those who want to know more?

Share with those who want to know more?

Felicity at “Simply Church” has shared an interview that she did with John King in her post “How do you invite people to something that is Bible based?

While the entire post is well-worth reading, the first question and answer is the one that resonates and helps me the most right now.

Felicity asks: “Give me some examples of simple ways to invite other people–especially those who are not-yet-believers–to join in a Discovery Bible Study.”

And, here is part of John’s answer:

Too many believers attempt to ram the Word down the throat of not-yet-believers and wonder why they don’t appreciate it. We need to use discretion. When an interest is shown, then give them a brief summary statement about God’s character or about a blessing that he recently gave. Keeping this short is critical because they may only be curious, not open, yet. The goal is to see if that truth or blessing resonates with this person. Then if the person wants to know/experience more, she/he will let you know. Spend the bulk of your time looking for those who God is preparing to hear the gospel. These are the people who will be blessed by a Discovery Bible Study.

For the most part, churches today are designed to spread the same teaching to a large number of people. This may be good from time to time, but it is not effective for the most part.

Instead, we must meet people where they are. Who should we share the gospel with? Everyone? Sure, but especially those who are interested in hearing more. (Read through the book of Acts and notice how many times this happens.)

What do you think? Do we constantly and continually share the gospel with everyone, or do we focus on those who are interested? If it is both, then how do we share differently with the different groups (i.e., everyone and those interested)?