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Replay: New and Improved “One Anothers”

Posted by on Dec 17, 2011 in community, fellowship | 4 comments

Replay: New and Improved “One Anothers”

Three years ago, I published a post called “New and Improved ‘One Anothers’.” Now, I don’t know if you’ve noticed it or not, but there are alot of passages in Scripture that instruct us how to interact with “one another.” But, I’ve found that instructions to be just too difficult and idealistic. So, I put together this list of “one anothers” that are a little more realistic. I’m happy to say that (from what I’ve seen) the church is doing a great job of living by these “one anothers.” What do you think?


New and Improved “One Anothers”

Most Christians are familiar with the “one anothers” of Scripture, such as love one another, serve one another, forgive one another, accept one another, teach one another, encourage one another, be kind to one another… These exhortations worked well for the early church, but now they’re outdated.

The modern church lives by a set of “one anothers” that are both new and improved! While on the surface it may seem that these “one anothers” are negative, in reality they strengthen the church by keeping it from being changed or transformed – just the kind of church that God wants!

Be acquainted with one another
Yes, the Bible said to “love one another”, but we know that we can’t love everyone. So, its much better to be acquainted with people. That way, you can call their name when you pass in the hallway. Name tags are especially helpful in keeping this new exhortation.

Ignore one another
This one is related to “be acquainted with one another”, but its a little more spiritual. We don’t want people to think they they are the center of the universe, so its better to ignore people and their problems, especially when you have something better to do. So, when you ask someone, “How are you?”, if they say something more than “Fine” or “Okay”, its best to simply ignore them.

Ridicule one another
Again, on the surface this looks bad. However, in reality, there is nothing better to get people to have the right theology – MY theology – than to ridicule them and their beliefs. The more theological terms you use while ridiculing them the better. This is especially useful in response to new ideas and suggestions.

Give a little to one another
Keep some change in your pocket in case someone needs something. That way, you have fulfilled your spiritual responsibilities while, at the same time, not costing yourself too much. If you want to be very spiritual, keep an extra one or five dollar bill in your billfold.

Organize one another
People need help knowing what to do and how to do it. Who better to show them than you? Keep people in line, or the church could be in big trouble!

Remind one another of their wrongs
People often forget that they are sinners and that they’ve hurt you in the past. Remind them of this… often… especially if someone good happens to someone. Again, we don’t want people to think too highly of themselves, so its our responsibility to knock them down a notch.

Be served by one another
People like to serve you. Let them… but only a little, and only in insignificant things. You don’t want people to think that you aren’t independent. So, give them little, meaningless jobs to remind them that you are too important to do them yourself.

Kick one another when they’re down
I really don’t have to mention this, because the church is so good at it. But, its always good to have a reminder. When someone falls, make sure you keep them down for a long time. Then, when they get up, don’t help them. They need to learn to stand on their own two feet.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, smile at one another
No one wants to be around someone who is hurting or sorrowful or depressed. So, put a big smile on your face regardless of your circumstances or how you’re feeling.

As long as the church keeps following these new and improved “one anothers”, the church will continue to make a difference in the world – in the same way that it does now.


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  1. 12-17-2011

    Man how I love a cup of sarcastic coffee in the morning 🙂

    How true (and sad) this post is…


  2. 12-17-2011

    i am convicted

  3. 12-17-2011


    I hope this was just the right amount of sarcasm for your Saturday morning.


    I am too… and I wrote it.


  4. 12-22-2011

    Another one is “desert one another.” This is what to do when there are misunderstandings or you don’t like someone’s personality or they do something to you that angers you. Really, what the church is supposed to be is a bunch of friends that hang out as a social group. That’s fellowship :).