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2011 Blogging Year in Review

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2011 Blogging Year in Review

Every year since I started blogging, I’ve published a “Year in Review” post to show which of my posts from that year were the most read.

This year – sometime in April or May – I started something new. I began linking to old posts on Twitter and Facebook. While some people were confused by the links to the old posts, I mostly received very positive feedback from people who were encouraged or challenged by the old posts.

Also this year, I began highlighting guest posts – that is, posts written for by other people to be published on my blog.

So, in this “Year in Review” post, I’m going to spotlight three different kinds of posts: 1) Most Read New Posts of 2011, 2) Most Read Guest Posts of 2011, and 3) Most Read Old Posts in 2011.


Most Read New Posts in 2011

These are the Top 10 posts (out of 800+ posts) written by me and published this year:

  1. Definition: Church (or Ekklesia) (April 2011)
  2. Children as Part of the Church Gathering (March 2011)
  3. When Disagreements Lead to Disunity (April 2011)
  4. The Day of Pentecost in the Upper Room (May 2011)
  5. Contents of the Ancient Lead Codices of Scripture Revealed! (April 2011)
  6. Numbing our souls with church activities (May 2011)
  7. Ten Things Every Christian Should Know (July 2011) – Thanks, Keith!
  8. I know you’re a heretic, but what am I?! (May 2011) – Thanks, Rachel!
  9. Disagreement is not Disunity (April 2011)
  10. Why keep the worship service? (July 2011)


Most Read Guest Posts in 2011

These are the Top 10 posts written by “guest bloggers” and published this year:

  1. Guest Post: How does the church respond to poverty? (from someone who’s living it) (April 2011) – After I published this post, it quickly became the most read post on my blog of all time.
  2. Guest Blogger: A Focus on Catholic Ecclesiology (May 2011)
  3. Guest Blogger: House Churches: British experience to teach the USA (August 2011)
  4. Guest blogger: Building a culture of discipleship (August 2011)
  5. Guest Blogger: Why bother with the church? (October 2011)
  6. Guest Blogger: Not Alone in Feeling Alone (May 2011)
  7. Guest Blogger: Sunday Morning Sucker Punch (September 2011)
  8. Guest Blogger: A simple post about simple church (June 2011)
  9. Guest Blogger: Not salary but support (May 2011)
  10. Guest Blogger: Focus on delivery does not increase our effectiveness at discipling people (December 2011)


Most Read Old Posts in 2011

These are the Top 10 posts written by me, but first published before 2011:

  1. Theological Sources: Scripture, Tradition, Reason, Experience, And? (February 2010 “replay” of 2010 posts, but only counting hits on the 2010 “replay”)
  2. Those Old People (October 2010)
  3. Was Timothy the Bishop of Ephesus? (December 2008)
  4. How Does God Communicate? (March 2007)
  5. Why I’m Not A House Church Proponent (December 2010)
  6. Ephesians 4:11 and the Five-Fold Ministry… (April 2007)
  7. Disciple making 3: Paul and his disciples… (February 2007)
  8. Guest Blogger: Why I Said Church Hurts (July 2007) – an older “guest blogger” post
  9. Why should we study the first century synagogue? (March 2010)
  10. Summary – Should elders/pastors be paid a salary? (October 2007)

Do you have a favorite, either from among this list or even from among the posts that were not among the most read?