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What is a false teacher?

Posted by on Nov 16, 2011 in discipleship | 2 comments

What is a false teacher?

Jeremy at “Till He Comes” is continuing a very good series on heresy and false teaching. So far, he has stepped through several passages to show that “heresy” in Scripture is about divisiveness, not false teaching.

However, there are warnings about false teachers, and Jeremy begins to cover that in his latest post “Beware of False Teachers.”

I love the way that Jeremy begins this part of his series. He suggests that everyone who disagrees with us is not necessarily a “false teacher.” So, what does Jeremy say we should do about those disagreements? He writes:

It is far easier to call someone a “heretic” or a “false teacher” then it is to actually learn and understand the views of those who disagree, and then either lovingly state our disagreements or adjust our own views to fit with something we learned from someone else.

It is always easier to continue believing what we already believe, and condemn everyone else, then it is to take the risk of having our views and ideas challenged by someone else.

It is always easier to dismiss someone out of hand, then it is to consider their views.

Wow… so if someone disagrees with us, Jeremy suggests that we should listen carefully and consider their views. He even suggests that we may need to adjust our own views.

What is this world coming to…

Seriously, I’m looking forward the Jeremy’s posts on false teaching.

What do you think Scripture means when it refers to “false teachers”?


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  1. 11-16-2011


    Thanks for the mention. I have appreciated the numerous posts you have written on this topic over the years.

  2. 11-17-2011


    My pleasure, and thank you for reading my posts. I look forward to the remainder of your series. Are you still planning to release this as part of a book?