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The Spiritual Gift of Connecting People

Posted by on Nov 17, 2011 in community, fellowship | 6 comments

The Spiritual Gift of Connecting People

Okay, so it probably isn’t a spiritual gift, but I love connecting people to one another. And, from what I’ve been able to tell and from other people have told me, it is a kind of “gift” or talent that I have.

What do I mean by “connecting people”?

Well, when I meet someone for the first time and begin to get to know them, something happens in my brain. As the person tells me about himself or herself, I immediately start relating their interests, concerns, location, passions, etc. to other people with similar or complimentary interests, concerns, locations, passions, etc.

If I meet someone who is a mechanic, I’m immediately reminded of friends with car problems. When I’m first introduced to someone who lives in Franklinton, I think of people I know who live in or near that city. A new friend says that she likes to study Revelation, and I remember other friends who love prophecy and apocalyptic literature.

Of course, I’m not always able to connect people like this. Sometimes there are other issues that keep people apart, such as work schedules. In fact, I don’t think it is my responsibility to make sure that people build relationships, but I do think it’s good to introduce them to one another and point out the points of connection.

I’ve found that this has been a huge benefit in developing and building community. Pointing people to other with similar interests help them fit in with a group. Linking people who have the skills or means to those who have certain needs can help them serve each other.

Like I said, I don’t know if this is a spiritual gift or not. Perhaps it is an offshoot of encouragement, or helps, or serving. But, I have seen how God has used this ability in the past, and I hope that he continues using me to connect people in the future.

Do you have the ability to connect people? Do you know someone else who does? How have you seen this ability work among the church? Can you see benefits outside the church?


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  1. 11-17-2011

    I bet you could manage an awesome syncroblog.

  2. 11-17-2011

    What are you doing inside my head??? hahahahah

    I don’t know what to think of it. I know the heart of God is for people so I tend to think it is God given. The way it has blessed my life would also make it seem so.

    Most of my adult experiences with community are not all wrapped up in church. I used to think everyone was like me but then I began to realize not everyone saw the connections I did or would take the step to pass it on.

    I call myself a connector or a net worker. I saw it in my relationships to other women, moms and families. Being able to hear and see what people need enabled me to create thriving online communities. Further it shows me where the Church is failing to reach those who need the gospel.

  3. 11-18-2011


    I’ve never tried to manage a synchroblog, but I have put together a few “chain blogs” which are similar.


    Good! Another person gifted with connecting people…


  4. 1-31-2012

    I too love being a “connector”….connecting people, seeing a need and finding a way to fulfill it through connections, seeing the heart of a person and helping them fulfill their need, hope, dream, desire. Sometimes it’s providing information through teaching…most often though it is hearing & seeing…and making a match. God tends to give nudges and it is so cool to see the delight when people are matched to what God has for them! I don’t know if it’s a “gift”…but it definitely is something!

  5. 2-1-2012


    That’s awesome! It’s nice to meet another “connector”!


  6. 7-9-2012

    OMG Alan!!

    This is just what happens to me! I’ve been doing it for my whole life but I just realize about this “gift” last week and decided to search about it today!

    It’s so funny what happens, but it really moves something inside my brain!

    I loved the word “connector” event “networker” to describe myself! We should do something all together since we are all connectors don’t you think?

    Big hug all over from Mexico City!