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My coffee cup is stained…

Posted by on Nov 4, 2011 in discipleship | 2 comments

My coffee cup is stained…

I’m not a coffee addict. Really, I’m not. But, I do drink coffee at work. Occasionally, I’ll drink coffee at other times and places, but most of my coffee drinking occurs Monday through Friday when I’m at work.

I have a special coffee cup that I use at work. My friends Maël and Cindy gave it to me. (They were going to save it for a PhD graduation present, but they’re not sure I’ll ever graduate.) It has Hebrews 10:24-25 printed on the side, and it’s larger than most cups. (It’s so large that I’ve never filled it to the top.)

Even though my coffee cup is special, I’ve noticed something recently. My coffee cup is stained. The bottom of the cup especially is discolored from the coffee that’s been in it. If anyone looked at my coffee cup for very long, they would know that it was used to hold coffee… because it has been stained by the coffee. The coffee has left a lasting mark on the cup.

I’ve heard that the same thing can happen with tea. When a cup is used over and over again to hold tea, the cup will become stained by the tea.

Growing up, I remember having cups that were stained from Kool Aid. We particularly liked red Kool Aid, and many of our cups had a red sheen to them. We could tell which cups we used to drink Kool Aid because the Kool Aid had left its mark on the cup.

Those of us who are in Christ are indwelled by the Holy Spirit. When we submit to him, he fills us like coffee fills a cup. When he fills us, he leaves his mark on us like coffee or tea or Kool Aid stains a cup. Like those cups, people should be able to tell that we are indwelled by the Holy Spirit. It should be as obvious as the stains on my coffee cup.


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  1. 11-4-2011

    My cup looks like that too. I always wonder if the same thing is happening to my insides…

  2. 11-6-2011

    Not sure I would discuss Christianity and Kool-Aid in the same context 😉