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October Synchroblog – Down We Go

Posted by on Oct 3, 2011 in synchroblog | 2 comments

October Synchroblog – Down We Go

The October Synchroblog is scheduled for next Wednesday, October 12, 2012. The topic of the synchroblog is “Down We Go.”

Are you not familiar with synchroblogs? Well, a synchroblog is a blogging event in which many different bloggers publish posts at about the same time (usually the same day) based on the same topic. Typically, each blogger will also include in their post (usually at the bottom) a link to the other blog posts that are part of the synchroblog.

So, what is the topic “Down We Go” all about? Well, it’s inspired by the Kathy Escobar book of the same title. However, according to the description of this synchroblog, you do not have to interact with that book – you do not even have to read the book (and, unfortunately, I have not had time to read Kathy’s book yet). Instead, they are only looking for bloggers to publish a post based on the topic “Down We Go.”

So, what does “Down We Go” mean as a topic? Here’s part of the description:

Independence. Success. Upward Mobility. Security. Comfort. In subtle and direct ways, many of have been sent a message by the world (and sometimes by the faith systems we have been part of) that life is about moving up–away from pain and suffering and toward comfort, stability, and put-togetherness. This kind of living is much different than the kind of life Jesus calls us to in the gospels. Jesus consistently modeled going down into the low and messy places of people’s experiences–intersecting with the lepers, the lonely, the outcasts, the marginalized. He calls us to a life of humility, love, and interdependence.

I plan to take part in the synchroblog. I’ve loved being part of synchroblogs in the past, but have not been able to take part the last few months.

If you want to take part, please jump over the synchroblog post about “Down We Go,” read the instructions, and leave a comment letting them know that you plan to take part. Also, let me know here so that I can look for your post.


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  1. 10-3-2011

    I’m in. Looking forward to what you write (as always).

  2. 10-4-2011


    I’m looking forward to reading your post as well!