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Does human authority among the church nullify Christ’s authority?

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Does human authority among the church nullify Christ’s authority?

Over at “Under Christ’s Archy,” I’ve published a post called “Does church authority (leaders) nullify Christ’s authority?

The purpose of that site is to discuss and help one another live under the “archy” (or rule) of Jesus Christ.

I’ve asked the readers of that site to consider a series of posts that I recently published here on the topic of positional authority among the church.

Here are the posts:

  1. Authority among the church? Starting a new series.
  2. What did Jesus say about positions of authority under his own authority?
  3. In the church, how does someone lead without exercising authority?
  4. Does the existence and recognition of elders indicate that they have positional authority?
  5. Does shepherding and overseeing suggest exercising authority?

I also added this addendum, which I also think is an extremely important foundation to my argument above:

Finally, I ended with the following statement:

I would love to get your thoughts on these posts, and perhaps discuss how mature believers can “lead” others (which we see in Scripture) without exercising authority over them (which we do not see in Scripture).

Since the contributors and readers for that site come from a broad background, I expect a lively discussion, and perhaps some disagreement and push back. If you are so inclined, jump over the the “Under Christ’s Archy” site and join in the discussion.