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Building up the body of Christ… together

Posted by on Oct 25, 2011 in blog links, community, edification | 3 comments

Building up the body of Christ… together

I love Philippians 2:1-4 and Ephesians 4:11-16. Both passages are so rich and challenging when it comes to our life together as children of God. So, I was excited to see that Bobby at “Deconstructing Neverland” referred to both passages in his post “I’m a dreamer.”

In his post, Bobby is encouraging believers to gather together in a way that allows the whole church to work together to help one another grow in maturity in Jesus Christ. God has equipped and gifted all of his children for this work, and it will not take place if only one or two are serving everyone else.

Bobby shares these thoughts concerning a discussion he and another brother had about Philippians 2:1-4:

In two hours of discussion we couldn’t move past these verses. We were locked in to sharing all the riches that are ours in Christ and how those riches empower us to follow Paul’s exhortation to the church in Phillipi. For the first time ever when reading this passage I could see God’s purpose in building the church very clearly. That purpose is for all of the redeemed to be built up into Christ. So we are to have the same mind, same passion, and with the same goal to build others up into Christ. Can you imagine how buff Christ’s body would be if every member had this mind and goal? We cannot even begin to imagine the impact God’s kingdom would have if every believer everywhere was devoted to building others up in Christ.

He asks, “Can you imagine how buff Christ’s body would be?” Isn’t that an awesome questions?

The entire post is excellent, and you definitely don’t want to miss the last paragraph. He makes a great distinction between “tweaking” existing programs/activities and the type of gatherings that he’s talking about. You can read my comment there as well.

By the way, Bobby, you may be a dreamer… but you’re not the only one.


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  1. 10-25-2011

    this truth has made such an impact on me and given me such vision that I’m thinking about writing more on the subject for next month’s synchroblog.

    it is an astoundingly sweet dream 🙂

  2. 10-25-2011


    Great stuff from Bobby!

  3. 10-26-2011

    Yes, like Aussie John said, great post, Bobby. I’m looking forward to your follow-up.