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A missionary shares several church planting lessons

Posted by on Oct 7, 2011 in blog links | 4 comments

A missionary shares several church planting lessons

Guy at “The M Blog” offers us several “Church planting lessons.”

I’m conflicted when I read Guy’s post. On the one hand, Guy has been living in Ecuador for a long time, and God has used him to start several churches. On the other hand, Guy’s “lessons” don’t sound like anything I’ve read in church planting books. On the third hand, these “lessons” sound similar to what I read in Scripture.

Perhaps there’s another lesson to be learned here…

Anyway, jump over to Guy’s blog and read through his “lessons.” What do you think? Share your thoughts with Guy, then share them with us as well.


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  1. 10-8-2011

    “Several” churches? How would you define several.

  2. 10-8-2011

    In Guy’s case ‘several’ is defined as more than you would believe if you were told.
    God is blessing him and it has been a privilege to learn from him.

  3. 10-8-2011

    Hi Strider!

    I have enjoyed reading your work for a while now.

    Guy and I have had a relationship for several years now and I have had the honor of learning from him. I asked the question because I did not think the word “several” properly described what I knew about what God is doing through Guy.

  4. 10-19-2011

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