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A blogger’s thoughts about the modern local church

Posted by on Oct 11, 2011 in blog links, definition, fellowship, unity | 2 comments

A blogger’s thoughts about the modern local church

Often, in my short noon posts, I link to a blog post written by another blogger. This time, I’m going to link to two different blog posts by the same blogger.

The blogger is Bobby from “Deconstructing Neverland.” And, I’m going to link to his posts in the reverse order that he published them… for a reason.

First, in his post called “What does local church look like?” Bobby admits that he does not agree with the way “local church” is usually defined and delineated today.

Next, in his post called “Trying something different,” talks about meeting with a local church. (The post is primarily about how the leaders of that church are trying a different, more participatory style of teaching.)

Now, put these two posts together. Bobby does not agree with how some of his brothers and sisters think about and live as the church. But, he wants to spend time with them (and DOES spend time with them) in spite of these differences.

What an AWESOME example of both blogging and LIVING as the church of God!


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  1. 10-11-2011

    Sounds interesting

    Ill have to check it out when I have time to read

  2. 10-11-2011

    Remembering that the church is made up of the people no matter where they gather has been one of the hardest things to keep in perspective. As we’ve been looking for those who aren’t so bogged down with traditions and programs we’re trying to see others as the new creatures in Christ that they are instead of being blinded by the surroundings.

    Thanks for linking to the posts and for keeping up with our journey.