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Under Christ’s Archy

Posted by on Sep 7, 2011 in blog links, personal | 5 comments

Under Christ’s Archy

I’ve been invited to participate in another web project. This one is called “Under Christ’s Archy,” and it’s coordinated by Henry Neufeld of Energion Publications.

Several people who read / comment on my blog are part of this project also, including Arthur and Eric. You can read about all the contributors here. I think you’ll find that Henry has invited a very diverse group of people to take part in this project, which promises to create great dialog and discussion on this topic.

So, what does “Under Christ’s Archy” mean? Well, Henry tells us on the home page (responding to something that Geoff, one of the contributors, wrote):

I think that practical application is a real need, and as a result I came up with the idea of a web site dedicated to looking at practical things we can do to live under Christ’s archy. For those who have not read the book [Christian Archy by David Alan Black], living under Christ’s archy means putting the authority of Jesus above all other authorities. It means not giving our allegiance to political systems, but first to the gospel.

Furthermore, Henry tells us about the content we can expect from the site:

What will the site contain?

  • Original articles on practical actions to take in the home, church, and society to live under Christ’s rule
  • Links to articles and blog posts that are relevant
  • Discussion
  • Questions answered by the various project participants
  • Resource lists

Each contributor (myself included) has agreed to write at least one post per month dealing with the concept of Christ’s rule in our lives, in the church, in politics, in education, in theology, etc.

So far, each contributor has written an “introduction” post. You can find all of those posts and any future posts under the heading “blog and discussion.” Plus, my introduction post is called “Sticking my toes in the waters of ‘Christian Archy’.”

I hope you decide to take part in this new project. Perhaps the best way to follow the conversation (for now) is to bookmark the page or to add the site to your reader.

Please let us know what you think about the project.


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  1. 9-7-2011

    Is christian archy like christ rule such as oligarchy monarchy anarchy etc.?

    Regardless I’m going to go check it out cause I’m sure your intro is spot on

  2. 9-7-2011


    To be honest, I’m just beginning to explore what “Christian archy” or “Christ’s archy” means. I’ve read a few books, but I’m looking forward to exploring the implications and ramifications.


  3. 9-7-2011

    Dude how come I can never find where to subscribe to these blogs

    Hook me up with some links if you could cause I’m lost over here lol

    I need the link for this one and the christs archy one too cause I accidently unsubscribed to this one =O

  4. 9-8-2011


    If you have a Google account, I would recommend Google Reader to keep track of blogs. Simply click the “Add a Subscription” button and enter the name of the blog/site that you want Reader to track for you. Whenever you return to the Reader site, it will show you a list of all the articles/posts added by the sites that you are tracking. You can also “star” articles/posts that you want to return to later. (There are other readers as well, but I most familiar with Google Reader.)

    You can subscribe via email to my blog. You will receive an email whenever I publish a new blog posts. As of now, the Under Christ’s Archy site does not have an email subscription option.


  5. 9-8-2011

    Thanks for the info alan

    I will try to remember that google reader thing