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Proclaiming Christ in the Workplace

Posted by on Sep 15, 2011 in blog links | 6 comments

Proclaiming Christ in the Workplace

Recently, two excellent articles have been published related to the topic of proclaiming or representing Christ in the workplace.

One article was written by James at “Deliver Detroit” and is called “Preaching Christ while working for the Government.”

James works in the mental health field as a subcontractor of a county government. As a government employee, how is he to proclaim Jesus Christ in his workplace. James steps through his thought processes as he works through this question.

Similarly, the second article was written by Geoff for “Under Christ’s Archy” and is appropriately called “Christ’s Archy and the Workplace.”

Geoff’s post is not primarily about proclaiming Christ in the workplace (through words), but is about how we treat people in the workplace. In his post, Geoff offers several disciplines to help people represent Christ in the workplace.

This is a very important topic for followers of Jesus Christ to consider. Our manner of life (including when we are in the workplace) should be a representation of who we are in Jesus Christ.

What do you think of these articles? What suggestions do you have for people who want to represent Christ in their words and deeds in the workplace? What if their coworkers are hostile to the gospel?


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  1. 9-15-2011

    The way I go about it is simply to keep my mind focused on who Christ is for me and for the whole world. As I see more and more of who He is the more I come to know and live His life through my own. It shines forth through patience, service, being a good listener, considering other more highly than myself and an overall disinterest in petty arguments, gossip, slander and backbiting that often rears it’s ugly head among coworkers.

    it’s not that I try hard to live righteously or put on a mask and show of sorts in order to represent Christ well. It’s more about recognizing His presence and living in the strength of His power through me. When others are hostile to my beliefs and actions I know for certain it is not me they are angry with, it is Christ and Christ can handle Himself. In fact He usually does so through me in acts of kindness and compassion toward the hostile unbelievers. Not exactly my idea of vengeance but certainly my idea of a Christ.

  2. 9-15-2011


    I agree. As Christ lives through us, our actions and attitudes will demonstrate him to others. Do you think there may be times when you should not mention Christ’s name while you are living for him, or do you think you should always proclaim him as you are living in the strength of his power?


  3. 9-16-2011

    I don’t really think in terms of should and should not. I operate more along the lines of led and not led, that way I can be confident that what I speak and do is pleasing to the Lord regardless of the response.

  4. 9-17-2011


    I understand about the concern with doing what is pleasing to the Lord and not doing anything by our own power. But, what do you do with the “shoulds” and “should nots” spoken by Jesus Christ and/or written by the authors of Scripture?


  5. 9-17-2011

    I see those as guides to help me discern what is and is not the leading of the Holy Spirit since His guidance will never contradict His Word. The radical nature of perfect “from the heart” obedience also reminds me regularly that my own strength is not enough and so I pray regularly like Paul for the Phillippians that He will grant me increasing knowledge and discernment so that the love I share will be His love through Christ in me.

  6. 9-17-2011


    I agree. So, if you read that Jesus said you should do something, but you’re not doing it, when do you start doing it? If you read that Jesus said that you should not do something, but you are doing it, when do you stop doing it?