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Of pastors and preachers

Posted by on Sep 2, 2011 in blog links | 2 comments

Of pastors and preachers

Eric at “A Pilgrim’s Progress” has written a very good post called “On Equating Pastors and Preachers.”

If you don’t know Eric, you should know that he’s a good friend of mine. We’ve known each other for about 9 years. Until a few months ago, Eric was a paid vocational pastor with a church in Savannah. On his blog, he shared many of his struggles with the discrepancies that he saw between his job/position and his interpretation of Scripture. So, he resigned from his job. Now, he continues to share his struggles as he continues to interpret Scripture and what God is doing in his life.

In this post, Eric is considering the common assumption that “pastor” = “preacher” (at least among the Christian traditions and social contexts that we’re both most familiar with).

As Eric says, when we equate “pastoring” with “preaching” we lose much of the importance and context of each term.

Read Eric’s post, reply to him on his blog, then jump back over to hear to answer these questions:

1) Do you agree that there is a difference in Scripture between “pastoring” and “preaching”? 2) If so, how can we help people understand the difference without coming across as arrogant or condescending?


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  1. 9-3-2011


    Nine years! Wow. You are right. I hadn’t thought about it in those terms.

    Thanks for the link to my post. This is a subject that is “near and dear” to me in light of my vocational role for a few years. When Christians think of the pastor as the preacher, then they almost always don’t think of themselves as a preacher. This, in effect, hurts gospel proclamation.

  2. 9-5-2011


    Yeah, I was surprised when I realized we’d known each other for 9 years. That’s like 100 online years.

    I agree that the modern use of the term “preaching,” which is then read back into Scripture, hinders gospel proclamation as we see in Scripture.