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If I believed in the resurrection…

Posted by on Sep 10, 2011 in blog links | 8 comments

If I believed in the resurrection…

My friend Lionel from “A View from the Woods” has been away for a while. But, he came back into the blogging world yesterday with a huge post called “10 Reasons I Don’t Believe in the Resurrection!!!!

Before you start throwing around the term “heresy,” you should definitely read his post. You may even find that, like Lionel, you don’t live as if you believe in the resurrection either.

What is he talking about? Well, here are four of Lionel’s reasons:

1. If I believed in the resurrection, the American dream would be appalling.

2. If I believed in the resurrection I would support missions wrecklessly.

3. If I believed in the resurrection I wouldn’t be embarrassed about Jesus.

4. If I believed in the resurrection I would forgive as I have been forgiven.

So, I have to admit, sometimes I live as if I don’t believe the resurrection of Jesus Christ actually happened…


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  1. 9-10-2011

    And this is why I call myself a radical because posts like this make me throw up in my mouth a little.

    I do forgive radically. I am not embarrassed about my savoir & Lord Yeshua.

    I live my life giving away things that most people do not have to spare.

    At the same time I can read my Bible and only remember the beggar in the parable of Lazarus being actually literally poor.

    Abraham was wealthy, so was Noah, So was Job before and after his trial. It was not first world opulence but they were not all John the baptists existing in the wilderness off locus and wild honey.

    Some of us are called to affluence for the glory of the kingdom of God.

  2. 9-10-2011


    I looked back through Lionel’s list, and I didn’t see anything against affluence. Affluence is not the problem; what someone does or does not do with the money that God provides for them may be a problem.


  3. 9-10-2011

    Affluence is higher than the American dream you are right.

    A house
    2.5 kids
    The white picket fence
    A dog (maybe a cat)
    A decent job that pays for it all

    I can see nothing inherently appalling about that.

  4. 9-10-2011


    The only that I would find appalling is if someone saw their house, cars, kids, fence, pets, and jobs as for themselves only and not for the Lord. Or, if someone refused to share what God had given them with others. Or, if someone lived their lives for the purpose of attaining more and more of those things.


  5. 9-10-2011

    I enjoyed that article. Single mamma I would say that we have missed the mark if we need a house as part of our identity! However I am assuming that your a single mum because of your handle…and its part of the Christian identity to raise and look after children well and having a house could be part of that responsibility.

    Yet and I do say Yet; it does seem within the Christian circles that many who do have a decent job, good car, and house don’t car much for the wider church, those who are worse of from them – instead seek more for themselves and its this framework of being that I believe the article is critiquing….

    What would you do if the Lord called you to sell all you have and go and live and minister to the homeless? I think that is a telling question regarding our position in the Lord.

  6. 9-11-2011

    I agree with you Alan which is why I dislike reading “If I believed in the resurrection, the American dream would be appalling.”

    Craig hasn’t read my blog.

    Yes I am a single mother. I have never owned a house. I am currently car less and serving God. My care died last November. Living without one is annoying but it is not the only trial I have walked through knowing full well that God is allowing it although it is stressful and uncomfortable.

    I understand the labels of the church. Some well deserved labels of pettiness, carnalness, selfishness, short sightedness unChristian like behavior and all the rest.

    I read Fridays post “The Downward Path of Jesus” and did not comment. However knowing so many in the church can’t say they have embraced not having the American dream at the expense of their spiritual growth I started my comment on this post saying I will keep my self imposed title of Radical.

  7. 9-12-2011

    Craig and SingleMamma4God,

    Thanks for the continued discussion. A little “push back” is always helpful, appreciated, and encouraged. 🙂


  8. 9-13-2011

    My post was about identity. I also have a 3 kids, work in Corporate America, have a ife, I have a tall wooden stained fence as to not see in my neighbors yard, live in an affluent community with top tier schooling. The post was introspective. Also I hope you used a little mout wash after you read the post 😮