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Comment Highlight: Just another day when the workers watch the leaders do all the work

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Comment Highlight: Just another day when the workers watch the leaders do all the work

A few days ago, Art left this comment on my post “When equippers don’t equip.” I don’t think his comment requires any further commentary on my part:


You pull into the parking lot at work, and the lot is nearly full–there are 450 employees here at DoinGreatStuff, Inc. As you enter the expansive auditorium, you find some friends in your department and catch up on their week so far. On the stage, final preparations are being made–four chairs are set in place. The lights dim and a hush settles in.

The CEO moves to his chair, as does the CFO, the COO, and the VP of Sales and Marketing. They each have a telephone–yep, the old fashioned kind with a rotary dial. This is a conservative business that sticks by the old fundamentals. Their faces seem so intense–these men are all very good at what they do. Then a phone rings. It is for the VP.

“Hello, this is John with DoinGreatStuff” he begins. Smooth as silk. A few minutes go by, and then he asks for the order, a trial close, actually, but so easily woven it seemed like part of the conversation. “So, then you you want those in red and delivered by the first of the month to meet your deadlines? Yes, we can do that. He takes a few notes while the voice on the other end gives final instructions. Then he hands up winking to the CEO. They shake hands smiling, and the audience comes alive with murmurs of “great job” “amen” and “praise you Jesus!”

Just another day at the job, where the workers sit in the auditorium and watch the well trained, senior execs conduct business–as usual. Where’s my notepad, I gotta write this down…

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  1. 9-24-2011


    When I was one of those executives I just naively followed “we’ve always done it that way”. Well! That’s what the rule unwritten rule said.

    I could close a sale with the rest of them! But! Then I realized that what I was, despite the grand titles, was a good salesman who could talk people into having a product.

    Then! I was ashamed of my naivety,and began taking notice of the book which used to be our sales manual, and began making friends of those who would have been customers. We talked a lot about many things they wanted to talk about. I occasionally introduced the One I represented and what He had done for me and others, and what He freely offered. We ate together,socialized together, and visited other friends together. We even cried together, at times,and, in fact, we became loving brothers and sisters.

    Strange thing happened, each of these friends began doing the very same thing. Wasn’t long before we had a company of friends.