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Replay: Saturday Church?

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Replay: Saturday Church?

Three years ago, I wrote a post called “Saturday Church.” In the post, I describe several opportunities that we had to meet with the church on a Saturday. A Saturday? Yes, a Saturday. In Scripture, we see more examples of the church meeting day-to-day than we see the church meeting only on Sunday. Plus, these “church meetings” may not have looked like what you expect…


Saturday Church

We met with the church several times last Saturday. Several times? Yes, several times. Saturday? Yes, Saturday. And, in a couple of instances, we were meeting as the church going into the world, instead of meeting as the church separated from the world. (See my post “The church meets here“.)

Saturday morning, our family and some friends went to a low income neighborhood where one of our friends lives. (See “Opportunities to serve” and “God works through my wife too“.) Did someone lead singing? No. Did someone “preach a sermon”? No. But, when the church met, we dealt with people’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. We only introduced ourselves to some people, and spent alot of time with other people. We helped people understand Scripture, and we prayed with people. Some people reacted with tears, some with smiles, some with gratitude, some with indifference. We attempted to demonstrate God’s love regardless of the people’s reactions.

Saturday afternoon, our family and some friends went to the nursing home to visit with Mrs. Jenny. (See I think we’ve been adopted” and “She said, ‘I’m very close’“.) Again, no one led us in songs, and no one preached a sermon. But we all loved on her and listened to her talk about her week. After a few minutes, everyone left except Margaret and me. We talked to her a little longer, giving her the opportunity to ask us questions about Christ and faith. For the most part, she did not want to ask questions that day. However, she spent several minutes telling us how God had been drawing her to himself. It was almost as if she were evangelizing us!

Saturday evening, some friends invited us and another family to their house for a pancake dinner. Each family brought a griddle, and cooked piles of pancakes, sausage, and bacon. After everyone ate their fill, we sat around and talked about what’s going on in our lives. It is amazing to see how God is at work, in different way in the lives of different people. Again, there was no organized singing or preaching. But, this was certainly an edifying time.

No singing… no preaching… and yet when we met together, we met as brothers and sisters in Christ, with a desire to build up one another toward maturity in Christ and with a desire to demonstrate the love of God toward each other and toward others. I came away from these Saturday meetings with a song in my heart and being taught by word and example how to better follow Jesus Christ – with a better understanding of the Scriptures and what it means to trust God – with a better understanding of what the Spirit of God is doing in my brothers and sisters and in the world around us.

“Whenever you come together… let everything be done for edification.” (1 Cor 14:26)