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An earthquake, water main breaks, and a hurricane

Posted by on Aug 28, 2011 in personal | 2 comments

An earthquake, water main breaks, and a hurricane

This has been an interesting and exciting week for us.

Obviously, almost everyone knows about the earthquake on Tuesday that was centered in Virginia and that was felt all up and and down the east coast of the USA. I was at work when it struck, and we definitely felt it in our office. It was my first earthquake experience. (And, I’ll confess that I tweeted about the earthquake while it was happening before I thought about seeking shelter.)

Then, on Wednesday morning, a water main broke near the campus where I work. We lost water for about 6 hours that day. (Welcome back to school, students!) The next day, Thursday, we came to work to find that another water main had broken, and again we were without water for about 6-7 hours.

And, of course, this weekend we’ve been dealing with Hurricane Irene. Where we live, just north east of “the triangle,” we only had rain and winds, some gusting up to 40-50 mph. But, many of my friends “down east” and on the coast had much worse weather to deal with.

So, this has been a unique week for us.

But, how did we deal with all of these natural disasters and inconveniences? Did we become scared or angry?

I think our reactions can help us measure how much we are trusting God.


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  1. 8-28-2011

    My wife and I just hid under the bed with the light left on to keep the hurricane zombies away. We thought we would be fine because we made bologna sandwiches in case we got hungry, but then we fell asleep and didn’t know how long we were asleep, so we weren’t sure if the bologna might have went bad, so we thought we might as well fast. But after fasting for about twenty minutes we were starving.

    We drew straws to see who would run to the fridge and forage for something else to make a sandwich out of. Luckily, my wife runs real fast and she made it back with the popcorn she thoughtfully popped the night before, in case power went out, so we could still watch the TV movies. But, in our rush to find shelter from the storm and safety from zombies, we forgot and left the TV in the living room, and we weren’t sure it was safe out there. So we fasted from movies. But after fasting from movies for ten minutes, and being married, not having anything to say, we tried to push the bed into the living room so we could still hide under it while we watched TV and ate our popcorn.

    The door was too narrow and we panicked. Luckily, I had a chain saw and we had filled both the tank of our car and the chainsaw with gas two days earlier (sort of a prophetic statement about the Lord’s soon return–we relate everything we do to God’s plans), so we were able to cut a notch in the door and move the bed into the living room while remaining unde rit for safety. Maybe it was the chainsaw fumes, but we were sleepy when we got the bed into the living room, so we decided to extend out TV fast while we slept.

    Please call us if you hear that the hurricane is over. We ate all the popcorn and we saw all the movies on the TV and we are SO tired (we have been afraid to sleep because the zombies might be confused as to which room we are in because we left the lights on in both the bedroom and the living room, and I lost the straw drawing to go back and turn it out, but since I’m the head of the house, I decided we should leave both lights on.

    Is it over?

  2. 8-28-2011



    No, it’s not over. Stay there, and keep reporting.