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New Blog to Watch: Allergic to BS

Posted by on Jul 5, 2011 in blog links | 4 comments

New Blog to Watch: Allergic to BS

If you have been reading my blog for even a short length of time, then you’ve probably noticed comments from someone named Swanny. Well, Swanny now has his own blog.

And, it could be that this is one of the best blog names around: “Allergic to BS.”

Since I was traveling from the end of last week through Independence Day, I’ve been late getting this notice up. So, Swanny has already published several very good posts:

Before we get started
The Big C
What’s That Smell?
Flags Are Everywhere!

Plus, it looks like Swanny is also a “fan” of zombies: “I-Zombie.”

This is one blog that you definitely want to keep an eye on, subscribe to, follow, whatever.


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  1. 7-5-2011

    Thanks a bunch Alan!

    Not that I have any pressure now 🙂

    I am sure I will hit you up on some zombie talk soon as I continue to write my book.

  2. 7-5-2011

    What does Swanny have against B.S. degrees?

  3. 7-5-2011


    That sounds great!


    I guess some people are just opposed to education.


  4. 7-6-2011

    I have been reading this blog too. He’s edgy and awesome!