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Update on Chain Blog: Dealing with divisive issues

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Update on Chain Blog: Dealing with divisive issues

Yesterday morning, I started a chain blog about dealing with traditionally divisive issues among the church. (See my post “Chain Blog: Dealing with Divisive Issues Introduction.”) I never know how people will respond to something like this. I have been very pleased and encouraged by the response so far!

So far, three more bloggers have written “links” in this chain blog, and each link is somehow related to the topic of dealing with divisive issues. However, each link is also different from each other.

Here are the “links” so far:

1. “Chain Blog: Dealing with Divisive Issues Introduction” by Alan
2. “Chain Blog: Dealing with divisive issues starts with love” by Arthur
3. “I am divisive” by Jeremy
4. “Chain Blog: Please agree with me” by Jon

I’ve also been contacted by another blogger who is interested in taking part. This is an open chain blog, so if you want to take part, just check out the rules below and jump over to Jon’s post above and let everyone know that you want to write the next “link” post in the chain.


Chain blog rules:

1) If you would like to write the next blog post (link) in this chain, leave a comment stating that you would like to do so. If someone else has already requested to write the next link, then please wait for that blog post and leave a comment there requesting to write the following link.

2) Feel free to leave comments here and discuss items in this blog post without taking part in the actual “chain”. Your comments and discussion are very important in this chain blog.

3) When you write a link in this chain, please reply in the comments of the previous post to let everyone know that your link is ready. Also, please try to keep an updated list of links in the chain at the bottom of your post, and please include these rules at the bottom of your post.