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To Develop ALL Believers Into Leaders

Posted by on Jun 9, 2011 in blog links | 5 comments

To Develop ALL Believers Into Leaders

Over at “SimpleChurch Journal“, Roger has written an excellent article called “House Church is ALL About Leaders.”

Now, the article title seems to mean that simple church enthusiasts only care about leaders and leadership. However, this is not what Roger means.

Instead, he’s trying to point out that those who prefer simple church seek to encourage all to lead.

For example, consider this:

But I would like to suggest that the purpose of the church ought to be to develop ALL believers into leaders.  For this reason, I would say that simple/house churches are ALL about leadership.  Furthermore, the problem in the past has been that, too often, we have limited the leadership development of others because there is only so much room for the few who are prescribed to lead from the top.

Think about what it is that ALL believers are called to do:

  • To be salt and light in the world.
  • To love neighbors sacrificially.
  • To make disciples.
  • To serve as priests.
  • To be an example of the incredible wealth of God’s kindness and grace.
  • To bring a song, a word, a prophesy when we gather.
  • To be ready to share God’s word of grace with others in season and out.
  • On and on and on.

Of course, if those who are currently recognized as leaders want to help all to become leaders, it means those current leaders will have to step out of the way and allow others to lead… yes, even to lead them.

Leaders are often happy when others step up and lead in “lesser” things, but it’s more difficult to get leaders to submit to others in issues that seem more important.

In fact, however, I would say that this (submission to others – considering others as more important than themselves) is a very important part of being a leader in the first place.

What do you think?


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  1. 6-9-2011

    I wonder what it is people think of as lesser things as you put it. The groups I have been in have thankfully seemed very balanced. I am a strong personality type but the Holy Spirit regulates if He is allowed to.

    Only He knows what the group needs when people get together. The seemingly simple things can be so healing so nurturing.

    Sometimes it looks like leaders taking a step back from what they usually do. Other times it looks like other people just stepping up and coming forward along side them.

  2. 6-9-2011

    So agree Alan. People lead all of the time yet in the church only certain folks with certain gifts are recognized as leaders. The church needs to wake up and embrace all leadership gifts.. especially ones on the secular side.

  3. 6-9-2011

    Adding this to get follow op comments.

  4. 6-9-2011


    I think the “lesser things” and “more important things” would differ depending on the leader, especially the leader’s strengths and weaknesses.

    I like the last two sentences of your comment alot! Perfect!

    Kansas Bob,

    You’re right. Why do you think some gifts are seen as “leading” type gifts while other gifts are not?


  5. 6-10-2011

    Perhaps there is too much emphasis on “leadership” and not enough on “influence”. Jesus really had no earthly leadership position but he influenced many. I think that leading a life of courage, love and compassion with give you all the influence you can handle.