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I say NO alot – A lesson from a 2 year old

Posted by on Jun 7, 2011 in discipleship | 4 comments

I say NO alot – A lesson from a 2 year old

The beautiful little lady in the picture to the left is Karlie, the two year-old daughter of our friends Mark and Meagan. Sunday, after the church ate lunch together and some of us played duck-duck-goose, Karlie accompanied me to the dumpster to throw out a bag of garbage.

On the way to the dumpster, Karlie held my hand as we walked and talked. On the way, back I reached out for Karlie’s hand and asked if she wanted to hold my hand on the way back to our church meeting place.

She said, “No,” and pulled her little hand away as we kept walking.

About a minute later, she looked up at me and said, “I say ‘No’ alot.”

Yes, this was a cute episode. When we got back, I shared this with our group, and we all had a good laugh.

Later, of course, God began to use the words of his 2 year old little girl to teach me something. Why? Because I say “No” alot too.

I say “No” to God for many, many reasons… and believe me, they are all good reasons. But, all of the reasons are actually excuses I give in order to control my own life. The excuses show that I am not trusting God. They are excuses. There is never a real reason to say “No” to God.

When God calls or directs, the answer is always “Yes!” It doesn’t matter where God wants me to go or what he wants me to do. The answer is always, “Yes!”

Well, to honest, my answer is not always, “Yes.” Like my little friend – and teacher – Karlie. I say, “No,” alot too.


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  1. 6-7-2011

    I love the wisdom of children. Their innocence unlocks profound mysteries that we can miss in all of our study and intellectual pursuits.

    Great story, Alan!

  2. 6-7-2011


    Yes, God can teach us alot through children, if we’re willing to listen.


  3. 6-7-2011

    No was very rarely uttered in our house when we had a 2 year old, although by then there’s lots of things to say NO to. Try:
    “That’s not for babies” “That’s not for little girls” or the real truth which is usually “HOT” or “that’s dangerous”.
    So when they become independent they then don’t say NO to YOU. I don’t think I ever heard a NO from my kid- give them lot of other options as a response and you will be amazed at what they can think through at 2.

  4. 6-7-2011


    Thanks for the comment. This wasn’t really a post about parenting. But, I agree that there are better words to use than “No” when talking with children.