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Guest Blogger: A simple post about simple church

Posted by on Jun 13, 2011 in church life, community, edification, gathering, guest blogger | 10 comments

Guest Blogger: A simple post about simple church

I’ve invited several people to write “guest blog posts” for this blog. There are several reasons for this: 1) To offer different perspectives. 2) To generate even more discussion and conversation between blogs. 3) To introduce other bloggers to my readers.

(If you are interested in writing a guest blog post, please contact me at aknox[at]sebts[dot]com.)

Today’s post was written by Bobby from “Deconstructing Neverland.” You can also follow Bobby on Twitter (@reformedlostboy) and Facebook.


I was honored, humbled and frankly a little intimidated when Alan asked me if I would write a guest post for his blog. I love Alan’s blog because he has the ability and desire to make biblically educated and articulate arguments for many of the things I am beginning to learn about assembling with the church. Me? I usually blog on my phone on my lunchbreak and fly by the seat of my pants sharing the things that are on my heart at that particular time. I guess that’s what Alan wants since he asked for this post. Ask and you shall receive, my man.

I feel like the kid who was just handed the microphone on stage for the first time. I’m imagining you all in your underwear now…someone told me that would help. Guess you didn’t need to know that. Anyways…okay, deep breath, spill it.

I decided to share with you all some of the lessons I’ve learned so far in our journey into simple church life. It’s been quite a ride so far, kinda like being on an ancient roller coaster where the joy of the ride is coupled with the fear of your car flying off the tracks. It’s exhilarating and frightening. I’ve been warned of the ruts of even simple church becoming a religious exercise but thankfully it hasn’t become that for us. We are slowly and steadily growing together as a family.

When we gather together it’s pretty obvious that we have absolutely no idea what we’re doing. We’re depending on an invisible leader to make Himself visible through us. (before I felt like the visible leader made the rest of us invisible) It is quite remarkable! There have been times when a ten year old boy spoke words that the Holy Spirit used to change my heart in a very profound way. With no scripted order or designated speakers, God has a way of making the foolish and base things have extraordinary power.

My mind is reeling now with all the things I’d love to share: the intimacy between brethren that is steadily growing, the equipping of the younger members by the entire body, the food (THE FOOD!!!), sharing a meal together every week, knowing how to pray for one another and being able to pray right then and there for those requests, the various and sometimes disagreeable interpretations of scripture that provide variety without division, the nature to share and help one another as often as any has need, the ability to have questions asked and answered at any given time of the gathering, and so much more. I really could go on and on and write a post on each of these 🙂

What I’ve been learning lately is to be patient while Christ builds His church. Relationships take time to form. Our part is just to trust in Him, take off our masks with one another and be real. That’s how maturity comes to the body. Letting the ugly and sickly parts of the body be tended to and cared for by the rest. It’s a mutual thing to keep one another on the straight and narrow. We just focus our hearts on Christ and help one another do the same. When we are all about Christ together, we are the best church a church can be, no matter our size.

The beauty about Christ is you can point others in His direction no matter where you are. Institutional or simple doesn’t matter if He is the focus. We are all called to be that kind of minister. The abundant one anothers of scripture all lead us to one place: filled with the fullness of Him who fills all, in all. That is true for each and every believer. The fullness of God was pleased to dwell in Him and now He dwells in us. Let’s be his body and walk in faith together. What do ya say?


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  1. 6-13-2011

    “We’re depending on an invisible leader to make Himself visible through us. (before I felt like the visible leader made the rest of us invisible)” Well said Bobby. The Body is never going to be healthy when only one man is visible–as the invisible parts participate and their gifts become visible JESUS is revealed. Then the glory rests where it should…on Him.

  2. 6-13-2011

    Ah patience! Once we start to get free of traditionalism and institutionalism, we want everyone to jump on board but it takes times, patience and trust. That can be so hard! When we are untethered from the familiar, it can feel like we are always beset by uncertainty. That is why I am so blessed by guys like Bobby who, at least electronically, are sharing the journey and supporting me. God is doing great things in His church, I pray we all are patient as we work under His direction.

  3. 6-13-2011


    thanks for the opportunity to share our journey with your readers. I’m subscribing to the comments here so I can easily keep up and interact with any comments that come along.

  4. 6-13-2011


    seeing every member and gift actively participating is one of the best parts of moving to a simple church gathering. That and the intimate relationships we are building with one another.


    The hardest part of the waiting for me has been waiting for God to knit us together into a functioning body. Were working on it and not merely waiting for it to happen but it’s not something we can fabricate. Relationships take time to grow.

  5. 6-13-2011

    Great post, Bobby! And, great discussion everyone.


  6. 6-13-2011


    this is awesome, thanks for sharing.

  7. 6-13-2011


    “What I’ve been learning lately is to be patient while Christ builds His church.”

    So true! I’m pleased you learned that much earlier than I. A loving Father gives good gifts to those who wait!

  8. 4-19-2012

    Reading this post brings back fond memories along with some not so fond ones. There are things that can kill even the sweetest fellowship.

  9. 4-19-2012

    Amen to your posts, the first and your last. Love that part about the visible versus invisible leader; very well said!

    A couple of quotes you may be familiar with: Is the Holy Spirit the guest of honor or the emcee? and Let God be God and He will do God stuff!

    Keep abiding in Him and don’t look back too much.

  10. 4-20-2012


    This is still a great post, even if your circumstances and situations have changed and even if the circumstances and situations of those who were sharing life with you have changed. I can’t imagine what you’re going through now with your daughter. I’m praying that God will not only strengthen you directly, but that he will also surround you with brothers and sisters in Christ who will care for you and your family physically and spiritually.