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Food stamps, seminary, secondary issues, and hearts and brains

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Food stamps, seminary, secondary issues, and hearts and brains

Again, I’ve marked so many great post in my feed reader that I can’t write a post for each one. Unfortunately, even the highlights in this post doesn’t even scratch the surface.

For example, Bobby at “Deconstructing Neverland” writes “Warming pews and waiting on food stamps.”
Bobby suggests (along with the post that he quotes) that the modern day church system and leadership creates a system of codependency much like the welfare system.

Eric at “A Pilgrim’s Progress” asks (and answers) “Would I attend seminary all over again?
Eric and I attended seminary together. He decides – in the same way that I did – that the best part about seminary is the people that he met.

Steve at “From the Pew” writes “Secondary Issues.”
Steve talks about the difference between the essentials of Christianity and secondary issues. Of course, we usually divide from one another based on secondary issues.

Trista at “Theological Zombie Student” writes “Hearts & Brains (Faith & Reason).”
Trista is also a seminary student who understands what we’re doing at “Zombie Theology.” She writes a commentary and response to one of our stories.

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  1. 6-13-2011

    thanks Alan,

    I think Arthur put together a very good post and made some crucial points in line with that comparison. I was just riding his coat tails and putting my own spin on it. Anyone who reads my post should definitely jump over to his blog and see how I was inspired.