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Will You Help Me Develop An Ecclesiology FAQ

Posted by on Jun 9, 2011 in personal | 11 comments

Will You Help Me Develop An Ecclesiology FAQ

A few years ago (three actually), I wrote a post called “Ecclesiology FAQ.” At that time, my blog was only a couple of years old, but I had already written several hundred (perhaps a thousand) posts.

I would often get requests for my thoughts on a certain topic. If the topic was related to ecclesiology (the study of the church), then I had probably already written at least one (and usually more) posts on the topic.

Instead of continually looking up and pointing people to different posts, I decided to write that “FAQ” post. This is how I introduced that post:

Ecclesiology is one of my interests, and my primary academic pursuit. Ecclesiology is the branch of biblical and theological study that deals with the church. Since this blog is primarily about ecclesiology and since people often ask me what I think about certain topics, I thought I would give links to my blog posts that deal with the most common aspects of the study of the church and the answers to the most common questions that I’m asked.

The “FAQ” then included to several posts within these categories:

  1. The Nature of the Church
  2. Local/Universal Church
  3. Church Leadership (Pastors, Elders, Bishops, Deacons, etc.)
  4. Institutions, Structures, and Organizations
  5. The Church Meeting and Edification
  6. Fellowship, Community, and Unity

Unfortunately, within the last three years, the posts that I linked to in that “FAQ” have become outdated. It’s not that my beliefs have changed drastically since I wrote those posts. Instead, it’s more likely that my beliefs have developed.

So, lately, I’ve been thinking about writing another “FAQ” type post with links to newer posts. Plus, I know that this means that I will probably have to write another post or two of explanation.

Now, here’s where I would like your help – both my regular and long-time readers and also any newer readers (and even the lurker who might decide to comment – even anonymously). Will help me organize this FAQ for future readers?

How do you think I should organize the FAQ? Are the categories above sufficient? What questions/topics/categories do you think I should include?

Again, I would truly appreciate your assistance. I could do this on my own, but I’ve found that my readers (you) often notice things that I miss. Thanks for your help!


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  1. 6-9-2011

    Those seem like pretty big topics, are you going to try to cover the topic in one post with links or break it up into subtopics?

  2. 6-9-2011

    Maybe break it down into “surface” topics and “deeper” topics

  3. 6-9-2011

    Arthur and Swanny,

    I should have given more details. For the new FAQ, I plan to list one post in each category that I think summarizes my position clearly. Then, for each category, I will provide a link to another page that includes a list of links to other posts in that same category.

    How does that sound?


  4. 6-9-2011


    I’ll leave the suggestions to others.

    You may think this statement of yours to be insignificant. I don’t.

    You said,”Instead, it’s more likely that my beliefs have developed.”

    How good it is to read one, who seeks to disciple others, making an admission such as that, suggesting that being a disciple of Christ, no matter what position in ministry, entails continual development, and even, dare I say it, changing ones mind on some matters, rather than having ones thoughts set in concrete which set hard soon after hearing the Good news.

  5. 6-9-2011

    Aussie John,

    “Continual development”… I hope that always describes me.


  6. 6-10-2011

    Sounds like a great resource to new and old readers alike. Are you also offering this FAQ as a sort of “table of contents” standalone page with links under each of the topics?

    Topic 1
    Sumnmary Link
    Additional Links

    Topic 2
    Sumnmary Link
    Additional Links

  7. 6-10-2011

    And also make the concepts into a chart form with images and sketches so I can understand it… 🙂

  8. 6-10-2011


    How many blog posts have you written?

    I’m looking forward to your writing and publishing the biblical ecclesiology series and NT commentary series, please make them available in Nook and Kindle versions.

    Thank you.

  9. 6-10-2011


    I’m planning to do something very similar:

    Topic 1:
    Link to summary post
    Link to page with additional links to posts

    I don’t plan to list additional posts on this FAQ because I want to keep it simple. Instead, I’ll create a separate page for each topic with additional links on that page.


    I’ve written just over 3000 posts. I do hope (in the far future?) to publish an ecclesiology. I think it will be a set of shorter, easily accessible books. But, I have a few other plans first. I’ll keep you posted.


  10. 6-10-2011

    I second what Hutch said, I am sure the good folks at Energion would publish an ecclesiology series. You could maybe even get some others to write portions of it.

  11. 6-13-2011

    I’d suggest the topic of church practices. I’m thinking of the Lord’s supper, giving, weddings/funerals, teaching our children, etc. Then again, perhaps those issues fall under one of your topics already outlined.